Who wants to be a priest must be, above all, a man of God
Hacks to connect with God
Do you feel connected with God?
Knowledge and Happiness
Knowledge is, in short, an important ingredient on the road to happiness.
Spreading with example
Man gets the example and the opinions of those around him. Restoring the Christian life in society... is the challenge
The massification of exhibitionism: in social networks
Internet Adiction, Easy To Prevent?
Among the most dangerous diseases are those that progress little by little, without the sick person noticing what is happening.
Bringing the Gospel from love
Help after a mistake
In the face of our mistakes, the father offers his son again as a sign of infinite patience, of a saving aid.
Discussions, ideas, and people
Conceptual key: Evangelization
Fragment of documents linked to the Social Doctrine of the Church to understand the nature of evangelization.
Communicating in a merciful way
Mercy is the divine quality that gives the person the disposition of mind to sympathize with the sufferings of others.
The fraternity, secret to overcome the economic crisis
The fraternity, secret to overcome the economic crisis
The Church founded by Jesus Christ, 20 centuries of experience
I tell you that you are Peter and on this stone, I will build my Church and the power of hell will not prevail against it
I'm a virgin and my girlfriend is not
The idea of her past haunts me, how can I overcome it?
Psychopharmaceuticals and Philosophy

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