Liquid Love and its paradox: marriage
It is the fruit of a culture, or a thought, that has been called liquid, because it seeps through the slits of the heart and mind, and escapes
The Sexopolitas
Importance of nuances
Simplified thinking erases the nuances.
Spiritual longings
Success and Fruits
What do I have that you care for my frienship?
Video: The letter is based on the biblical quotation of the Apocalypse
Do Not Get Used To It
The Spirit of God manifests itself in various ways in our lives, but we often take it for granted
Economic crisis, social crisis
We publish the message written by Monsignor Francisco Gil Hellín, archbishop of Burgos, on the occasion of May 1
On the defense f human embryos
Smells like fake news
How to identify a false news: 6 tips to realize
A mission that surpasses us
How to announce to the good teacher when one discovers his weakness, and has to ask daily forgiveness for his own sins?
Educate Our Children So They Know How To Wait
Wait expectantly, because it is precisely what happens in Lent, we look forward to the great Easter holiday
Prayer to Saint Monica for our children
Saint Monica is the patron of Christian mothers. We ask her intercession!
Basic Principles of Social Doctrine
Catholic social teaching often mentions the importance of the human person, or concepts such as common good, but without going into details about what they mean.
Why VS What For
To have faith is like taking the risk of blindness and enter into love, in spite of everything.

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