A Faith that Heals Reason
True faith is not the enemy of thought, but its best ally.
A Spiritual Reform
Pope Bergoglio is proposing to all, in a constant and insistent way, a paradigm shift, a renewal, a spiritual reform.
Dears consecrated
3 Tips So They Don't Caught You Off Guard
How many times do I clean my heart and prepare it for Jesus?
Worthwhile Risks
When Evil is Well-Dressed
Only when the heart is willing to respect justice will it be possible to move towards a better world
Euthanasia and difnity of dying
Dominant interpretations of the idea of dignity when talking about the dignity of death
Spiritual attention is a right of all citizens
Coincide in Madrid leaders of three religions and ratify the need for a spiritual care as a citizen right
Military Technology or Technology of Death?
Modernity and Truth. What happened?
The course of history is relentless and in its path, everything is transformed.
3 Things We can Learn from the New Eminem Song
Eminem premiered his new song, Walk on Water on the MTV EMA 2017.
Wound in the soul
Human conception from different philosophies
Democracies: when a victory is a defeat
The joy of loving

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