"Sor Youtube" awakes hundreds of vocations online
The poison of the division
The massification of exhibitionism: in social networks
Ethics in crisis
Rerum Novarum Index-
Rerum Novarum on the social question encyclical letter of the Pope Leo XIII May 15, 1891
Our responsibility lies in not losing the battle
A Faith that Heals Reason
True faith is not the enemy of thought, but its best ally.
Proposed Conclusions
Conclusions and proposals offered by Cardinal Raffael Martino in relation to the new compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church.
Free sex?
V justice and solidarity among nations
Excerpt from the Catechism of the Catholic Church; Third part (life in Christ); Second section (The Ten Commandments); Chapter Two (love your neighbor as yourself); Article 7 (the Seventh Commandment); Point V (justice and solidarity between
A word in which there is no despair
A humanistic-spiritual commentary based on the analysis of the word "mercy" in Confessions
Social Doctrine of The Church and Work
Social doctrine of the Church and work
The Breakdown of Trust
The people are sour. They are not upset about something, but rather angry with someone.
Spanish scientists alert against pseudoscience and magic therapies
Human valuations on specific people

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