Jesus Said to Martha: Mary Chose The Best
With a privileged vocation, they decide to dedicate their lives, the only one they have, entirely, to praise the Lord.
Kissing and caresses in courtship
The Pain in the Opposite Direction
The short that showed me that even when I feel desolate, God is there.
Federation of Christians of Catalunya
"Relationship between the Bible and the Social Doctrine of the Church"
I wish everyone were like that
Reflection on the family.
20 Mistakes I Shouldn't Have Commited
I went ahead too, I got carried away, I gave in and to get to that, I made a mistake after mistake!!!
Heaven Eternal Homeland
The intrigue
King, me?
David, Solomon and [insert your name here], the Great Kings.
The specialist Complex
Gaps and omissions in the analysis of the importance
​Time as a gift from God
The harmony between John Paul II and the young
Anti-democratic denying the extension of rights of Mexicans as Religious Freedom: CEM
Text by GECOX based on an interview with Father Manuel Corral Martín, Executive Secretary of Public Relations of the CEM on religious freedom in Mexico
Cultures between good and evil
A serious study of cultures cannot put aside the criteria for good and evil

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