I found so much faith in Ireland!
Pope Francis shares his thoughts about his Apostolic Journey as he speaks with reporters during the flight back to Rome.
Dominicans worldwide
Dominicans offered Masses for their deceased parents and for all deceased parents of friars.
Jesus desires reconciliation
Pope Francis says that Jesus invites us to 'radical reconciliation'.
Pope Announces pre-synod Meeting
The Meeting is Scheduled March 19-24 2018
How the Church can help victims of sexual assault
The New York Times publised a report Harvey Weinstein.
Middle East a crossroads of suffering
Pope Francis warns of the risk that Christians could be eliminated from the Middle East.
Pope’s Advice for Lent
Lent as a “sacramental sign” of our conversion.
Commandments open heart to God
Pope Francis says the Ten Commandments help us open our hearts to receive the mercy of God
Pope John XXIII
The life of Pope John XXIII shows the saint's Deep Spiritual Nature.
Life is a time for giving, not possessing
The Holy Father focused on the Seventh Word: You shall not steal.
Generosity enlarges the heart’
Pope Francis says Christians need to be generous towards the poor.
Prepare for Christmas with the courage of faith
The Pope said “it’s not easy to keep the faith, to defend the faith”.
Welcome life as God’s gift
Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Commandments.
Most People Can Still Learn a Lot About Mother Teresa
Fr. Kolodiejchuk to told us more about this saint and what we still need to learn from her.
Pope at General Audience: “Indifference kills
Pope Francis reflects on the Fifth Commandment “Do not kill”.

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