Mercy is the Christian "style"
The Pope recalls that Christians do not follow the “spirit of the world,” but live the “folly of the Cross.”
The Lenten season 40 days of abstaining
These 17th century monks did a beer fast for Lent
Francisco expressed his closeness
Pope Francis expressed his closeness and prayers.
Pope Francis' 5th anniversary
Pope Francis 19 March 2013 — 19 March 2018
Hypocritical Christians behave like pagans
The Holy Father called on all of us to make an examination of conscience.
Pope lands in Chile
The First Official Encounter of the Apostolic Visit to Chile.
The Mass is Christ's sacrifice which is free
Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the Mass focusing his attention on the Eucharistic Prayer.
At Mass we participate in Calvary
Christ´s, Jesus, Cross, Calvary, Eucharist, redemption
I found so much faith in Ireland!
Pope Francis shares his thoughts about his Apostolic Journey as he speaks with reporters during the flight back to Rome.
Christians turn our gaze to Christ crucified
Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Ten Commandments.
Celebrating Our Lady of Sheshan
The Holy Father invited us to keep our hearts far away from riches.
Mass for migrants
Pope urges open hearts, doors towards continuing tragedy of migrants, refugees
The first Christian altar was the cross
To the altar we bring the little we have in our gifts
Pope warns against selfish ambition and conceit
Think of the rivalry between siblings for the father’s inheritance for example
Follow Jesus out of faith, not self-interest.
There are two ways of following Jesus: out of self-interest in his miracles or through faith in his word.

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