Pope Francis' 5th anniversary
Pope Francis 19 March 2013 — 19 March 2018
Indigenous Peruvian seminarian eager to see Pope Francis
Come to preach the Word of God or evangelize, teach that we are all children of God, as Christians.
Pope Francis makes surprise visit to elderly woman in Rome
Demonstrating once again his compassion and pastoral concern for those in need.
Pope commends Knights of Columbus for charity,
Pope Francis has encouraged the Knights of Columbus in practical charity
The Witness of Persecuted Christians Pushes Us to Persevere.
Reminds Church of Scotland Delegation that All Christians Must Stand Together
Message from the Pope for Attack
406 people have been hospitalized in Las Vegas after the attack.
The Joy of Married Love
“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” ohn 10:10
Fear sin, not death
Catholics have no reason to fear death, instead, they should fear sin.
Health Care Policy
The Church really, clearly teaches that health care i a right.
St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Md
The St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Md., an organization that provides psychological care for priests.
The difficult life of a Catholic missionary in Burma
“The presence of foreign missionaries is not allowed. They’re afraid you’ll proselytize."
Jesus desires reconciliation
Pope Francis says that Jesus invites us to 'radical reconciliation'.
Memory and hope go hand in hand
Pope Francis has encouraged Christians to think back to their encounters with Jesus.
Choose everlasting life, Pope Francis says
A fundamental mark of the Christian is our final encounter with God.
Bearing witness, complaining, asking questions
The Pope warns against the sin of “murmuring”

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