We should leave every Mass better than when we went in
The Mass is not just a weekly commitment that can be forgotten about once people go out the church doors.
The Mass needs silence, not 'chit-chat'
The Silence is so Important because we prepare ourselves for the encounter with Jesus.
Pope: ‘politics is a commitment to humanity and holiness’
Prophets of peace and workers for the common good
Pope Francis' message for Lent 2018
The season of Lent as a “sacramental sign of our conversion”.
Don’t be “parked Christians”
True Christians don´t stop going forward after receiving the first gift of grace.
5th anniversary of Pope Francis' election
The Volume ‘A Pope Francis Lexicon’ Was Created by Cindy Wooden and Joshua McElwee
St. Stanislaus teaches youth to run towards holiness
Pope Francis invites young people to run the race towards holiness and to dream of finding true happiness in Jesus.
Advice to Shepherds?
Shepherds Do Not Put Up Signs With Hours.
The modern miracle of Fatima
Pray the rosary every day.
Pope's spiritual exercises
Even though we still are ‘incomplete’ and ‘under construction,’ Jesus offers us unconditional love.
Pope meets with Italian Bishops' Conference
Crisis of vocations, Evangelical poverty and transparency, and Reduction and merging of dioceses.
Obedience to the Gospel
In his fourth Lenten meditation on Friday, Fr. Cantalmessa focuses on the place of obedience in the Christian life.
Commandments are path to freedom.
Pope Francis says the Commandments establish a dialogue between us and God.
Pope sends videomessage to Spanish religious
God’s call does not work through marketing models.
When Christianity is attacked, we only do a deep silence.

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