Pope Francis decries failure of bishops in abuse scandal
Pope said the anger of Catholics at bishops´failure in response to the sexual abuse is appropiate and that he shares those feelings.
How the Church can help victims of sexual assault
The New York Times publised a report Harvey Weinstein.
Guardian angels, our daily gate to the Father
Life is a journey, along which we must be helped by “companions,” by “protectors.
The truth is humble, the truth is silent
The dignity of the Christian is anchored in the power of God.
Venezuelan cardinal warns President Maduro over deaths of protestors
"In the name of God, stop the repression!"
‘So-called Christian societies will end if pagan'
Let us open our hearts with hope and distance ourselves from the paganization of life.
Don’t waste time being a busybody.
Francis reminds bishops and all pastors to “love, tend the sheep, and prepare oneself for the cross”
Bearing witness, complaining, asking questions
The Pope warns against the sin of “murmuring”
Love knows how to find the good
Pope Francis received Giorgio, Rosita and Davide Barolini, along with other members of the “Una Vita Rara” association.
Joy is the air Christians breathe
Pope reproposes the theme of being men and women bearing joy in his homily on Monday at Casa Santa Marta.
Today is a day of hope
Pope Francis offers the Holy Sacrifice for the poor souls in Purgatory.
Be prophets of hope
Pope Francis said religious life is “full of opportunities, enthusiasm, and passion”
Without love the Church cannot move or grow.
In the Last Supper, in which Jesus teaches love in the Eucharist and service in the washing of the feet.
Help migrants remember their journey
Proclaim the Word to them and to walk with them.
‘The Holy Spirit – protagonist of evangelization’
Pope reflects on 3 aspects of evangelization present in the readings of the liturgy: proclamation, service and gratuitousness.

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