Pope Francis mourned by violence in Texas
Pope Francis grieved by 'senseless violence' of Texas church shooting
Health Care Policy
The Church really, clearly teaches that health care i a right.
Mass is for the Eucharist, not pictures. Put the phone away./8-11-2017
The Heart of the Church is the Eucharist.
All love is meant to be faithful, generous and fruitful.
The husband must love his wife as Christ loves the Church.
Guardian angels, our daily gate to the Father
Life is a journey, along which we must be helped by “companions,” by “protectors.
Real ecumenism puts Christ over division
Christ must be prioritized over any differences that might get in the way of unity.
Easter Triduum is center of Christian faith
Christ, my hope, is arisen; into Galilee he will go before his own.
Pope’s ecumenical and peace initiative in Bari on Middle East Christians
The Pope’s ecumenical and peace initiative in Bari was presented at a press conference in the Vatican.
Follow Jesus out of faith, not self-interest.
There are two ways of following Jesus: out of self-interest in his miracles or through faith in his word.
May true unity be our goal
There are 2 types of unity in his homily during Mass : One he calls “true” unity; and the other, “false” unity.
Honour parents even with their imperfections
Honour ypur father and mother, said Pope Francis
Root charitable works in prayer
Pope Francis encourages the knights and dames to root their charitable works in prayer.
Pope Francis sends aid to Yemeni refugees
Pope in solidarity with the refugees
Who is Jesus Christ for you?
Pope Francis speaks about the importance of recognising that we are sinners.
In Christ we see the true
Pope at Audience: Commandments are guide to authentic Christian life

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