Bl. Encarnación Gil Valls
September 24, Blessed
St. Ethelwin of Lindsey
May 3, Saint
St. Felicissimus
Martyr, November 24
Bl. Marie Leonie Pradis
May 3, Blessed
St. Caradoc of Wales
April 13, Saint
St. Andre Alfred Bessette
January 6, Saint
Sts. Romanus and Lupicinus.
February 28, Saints.
St. Humility
May 22, Saint
St. Eric of Sweden
May 18, Saint
St. John Chrysostom
Doctor of the Church, September 13
Martyr, December 2
Cristobal Magallanes Jara
May 25, martyr
St. Eusebia of Hamage
March 16, Saint
St. Maria Teresa Fasce
January 18, Blessed.
St. Goban Gobhnena
May 23, Saint
Bl. Zechariah
May 3, Blessed

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