Bl. Encarnación Gil Valls
September 24, Blessed
St. Philip the Apostle
May 3, Saint
St. Oliver Plunkette
July 1, Martyr
St. Bernard of Tiron
April 14, Saint
St. Alexander
Martyr, November 9
St. Basil the Great
January 2, Saint, confessor and Archbishop of Caesarea.
Bl. Peter Armengol
April 27, Blessed
St. Stephen of Grandmont
February 8, Saint
Donatian of Nantes
May 24, martyr
Bl. Sebastian Valfre
January 30, Blessed.
St. Godfrey of Amiens
Saint, November 8
St. Achillas
Bishop, November 7
St. Judith of Prussia
May 5, Saint
St. John Ogilvie
March 10, Bishop and martyr.
St. Nicola da Longobardi
February 2, Saint.
St. Albinus of Vercelli
March 1, Saint

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