How Do You Feed a Hungry Heart?
Matthew 9:32-38, Memorial of Saint Benedict, Abbot. Cycle A
Prayer and Action
Luke 6:12-19. Call me to you, Lord Jesus, and remindme of my personal mission.
Goodness in Abundance
Mark 8:1-10, Saturday of the Fifth Week of Ordinary Time. Cycle A
A paralytic and his friends
Mark 2:1-12 I will make a sacrifice today for the person most in need of God's grace.
Humility and Faith: Foundation and Cathedral
Mark 7:24-30
Into the Lion’s Mouth
Luke 12: 1-7
Charity for All
Luke 3:10-18
Prayer Has an Important Place in Our Continuing Conversion
Luke 11: 1-4.Lord, teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples.
Wearing the Right Clothes
Matthew 22:1-14. Lord, grant me the grace to value heaven and to live in such a way that I can get there.
Be Perfect?
Matthew 5:43-48
You Follow Me
John 21:20-25, Saturday of the Seventh Week of Easter. Cycle A
Bigger Barns?
Luke 12: 13-21.Take care to guard against all greed, for though one may be rich, one's life does not consist of possessions.
Love for Lost Sheep
Matthew 18: 15-20
RSVPing the Lord
Luke 14: 15-24. Lord, help me to put aside all excuses when invited to your banquet.
Understanding God's Word
Luke 11:47-54. Lord, help us understand and act based on your wise words.

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