Jesus at Prayer
Cycle A Ordinary Time
Keep Your Words Short and Sweet
Matthew 5:20-26, Thursday of the Tenth Week of Ordinary Time. Cycle A
A Madman for Christ
Mark 5:1-20
To Do Good or Evil?
Mark 3: 1-6.Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath rather than to do evil
Costly Christ
Luke 9:57-62. Let me willingly accept the cost of following in your footsteps.
The Sincere Search for Christ
John 6: 22-29
Angelic Company
John 1: 47-51
Christ Chooses Me
Mark 3:13-19. I may be a mere sinner, but with you, Lord, I believe that I can do great things.
Set Ablaze for Souls
Luke 10: 1-9
The Highest of All Prayers
Luke 17: 11-19
Identity Confusion
Mark 3: 22-30. By the prince of demons he drives out demons
Yes or No
Matthew 5:33-37, Saturday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time. Cycle A
A New Life
John 6:51-58
Prayer Has an Important Place in Our Continuing Conversion
Luke 11:1-4
Stay Awake
Matthew 24:42-51. Lord, help me stay awake. I must be prepared.

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