It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
A Young Adult Shares her Powerful Testimonmy
A Beautiful Testimony About Emotional Healing After Heart Surgery
My List of Things That Teens Need to Read and See
These suggestions are for teens.
Three Catholic Things
I thought I would simply celebrate some of the things that make it great to be Catholic.
The importance of a decision
They help me to guide my life, leave and take, build or destroy, spread affection or provoke resentment.
Becoming digital missionaries
The Church, he said, wants to dwell in the digital world in an official and serious way.
Why do we get married?
To have the wedding of our dreams, but first...
Six Months To Go!
Six months to go until Juan and I get married!
Argentina in Mission, the Gospel is Joy
Going out on mission means going out in order to spend time with people
When Chasity gets frustrating
I stepped out of the van and into the cool evening air. As my friend drove off to finish an errand before rejoining me, I glanced across the parking lot at the lit-up building.
Discovering the Gifts
Givenness, every person is a gift.
The 5th National Missionary Conference
Bishop Croxatto said that Jesus encourages missionaries to stay strong and take courage.
Pride: a constant struggle
Let us strive with God's grace, to fight our pride and humbly live the truth
8 Books to Read When You are Feeling Down
Here are eight suggestions that you might like to try out next time you’re having a rainy day!
Take the Time
I think that the human person is like a sunrise.
Be my Feet
In St Peter´s Square you can see young people as a mystical body of Christ.

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