It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
An honest person shines in a particular way
Why aren´t we happy when we compare ourselves with others?
We have all at some point in life fallen into greater or lesser degree in this, comparing ourselves in that effort we have to know whether we are better or worse than another
The long deliberation
Many brides-to-be (and grooms-to-be) find themselves suddenly surrounded by unsolicited advice
Millenial parents
Happy Boys and girls, enjoying their paternity.
A Young Adult Shares her Powerful Testimonmy
A Beautiful Testimony About Emotional Healing After Heart Surgery
Why Marry Tommy? It´s What I´m Made For
Why do you want to get married?
The Marriage vows
The exchange of consent is the heart of the Rite of Marriage.
Reaping what we sow
It is necessary to make known the love of Christ, to evangelize.
TED talks about God that challenge creativity on social networks
Incredibles 2
‘Incredibles 2’ designer says God’s creation is his inspiration.
10 Survival Tips for Catholic Young Adults
There are times, as a young Catholic, when we can feel a little alone.
Friendship, rules, falling in love and family
The TV drama revealing what young people think
Be my Feet
In St Peter´s Square you can see young people as a mystical body of Christ.
The diamond of sexuality
When sexuality is entirely understood, the meaning is a diamond
Peace and progress start with education.
Catholic educational institutions play a prophetic role in helping future generations

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