It's good for young people to study Latin.
Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people.
13 Reasons Why, and 13 Important Conversations, Suicide Prevention and Compassion for Struggling Teens
13 Reasons Why is a short series released on Netflix on March 31. There is definitely cause for parental warning for language and content, but that doesn’t mean that it’s just another vulgar film.
The truth of the hurt of abortion is so routinely suppressed
Let’s talk about abortion-after-care, precisely because abortion hurts women.
Incredibles 2
‘Incredibles 2’ designer says God’s creation is his inspiration.
Save French television
“Dear Future Mom” is among the most powerful little videos ever produced.
15 Excuses to Not Go To Confession (Answered!)
True Love Waits
“Late have I loved you. You waited for me, I searched for you. What took me so long?”
Pornography: the Problem is Relational Anorexia
The adolescents find tehmselves alone in making decisions of media content consumption.
Why Wait?
You will develop good habits, virtues in order to build a relationship of love.
The One Wedding DIY Project You Can�t Do Without
Wedding Preparations
Millenial parents
Happy Boys and girls, enjoying their paternity.
What Brotherhood Did for My Faith
“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).
Discovering the Gifts
Givenness, every person is a gift.
How do you know if a guy loves you or wants to use you?
Step number one in weeding out the bad guys is to practice the principles of courtship, here. A main part of courtship is that you only commit to a guy if you´ve had a long friendship with him, your family likes him, and you can see yourself marrying him.
A day without social networks
Why would I open my social network? What do I want to find?
Fellowship of Catholic University Students
SLS Leadership Conference offer five days of fellowship and evangelical instruction.

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