The Power of the Father’s Blessing
2 Prayers That Dads Should Memorize And Use Daily
Prepare Spiritually for the Holidays
Here’s how to prepare our hearts and minds for the blessings of Our Lord’s love
How to Encourage Your Childs Religious Vocation?
8 essentials tips
Stages of Marriage
The psychologist Paul Tournier said, “I’ve been married six times – all to the same woman.” Tournier explained that he never got divorced, but rather his marriage transitioned from one stage to another.
This ironic video shows us that the main cause of the divorce is not the infidelity. Do you know what it is?
Selfishness is the worst evil that can be found in a family relationship.
Do What You Want With Me
Newly married couples are often asked if they want children and how many
Advice to the Groom
Honor is the most unappreciated vow.
Advent Calendar
Advent 2018
Why (And How) to Bring Your Kids to Adoration
May the Children come to you, who open your minds and hearts.
Notre Dame’s pro-life club
Childcare program is offered to parents who are graduate students at the University of Notre Dame.
My Marriage is Not a Fairy Tale
Also titled, “How you can marry the man of your dreams and still want to punch him in the face sometimes.”
Planning a Wedding: Ten Tips
The Celebration of Marriage is not just a religious ceremony
I Promise To Be True To You
Fidelity is a virtue intertwined with true love
Natural Family Planning Resources
Contacts for information about NFP
Ten Principles and a Key to Educate Properly
A memorandum, to the more accessible and as concrete as possible, of the main criteria and suggestions on education for your kids.
California Shelter
Precious Life Shelter, a homeless shelter for pregnant Women.

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