The Power of the Father’s Blessing
2 Prayers That Dads Should Memorize And Use Daily
"Change the World"
The key to our ability to change to the other is always linked to our ability to change ourselves.
A Family without God, is a guaranteed failure
Just as we can’t leave a man without food, it is unthinkable to leave a family without God
Some Tips to Pray With Your Spouse
Have you ever wondered how to pray more closely with her husband? Would you like to be spiritually closer to your wife?
No One Changes, If We Don´t Want to Change
And if I do not change, my marriage, my family, my neighborhood, my city will not change.
Adoption Tax
The tax code should support families
Recognize the first signs of winter taking root in your relationship
The Naturalness of Death
If something is sure, is that a person when it is born, it is going to die. If this is one of the few certainties that man has in life, then why should avoid it?
Rose of Lima
Patron Saint of Working Moms, Stressed-Out Parents and Chaotic Households
How We Talk to Children Will Become Their Inner Voice
We must choose to use our words to bring God’s love into the lives of others.
It’s More Enriching to Read with Mom than to Watch TV or Play with Her
Sharing time, reading together an excellent way of communication
Letting Your Children Fight to Find Peace
In my heart of hearts, I was afraid the kids’ fighting would ruin the trip.
Tips for Men on How to Be Great Dads
What father among you, if his son asks for bread, would give him a stone.” Luke 11:11
Marriage is a School of Love and Gratitude
Through life’s journey, sometime a husband or wife may need to reflect on the gift of the other, especially when misunderstandings or difficulties arise.
When Your Marriage Hits The Boredom Rut
After 16 years of marriage Bill and Betty find themselves in the marital doldrums.
Reluctance Among Clergy to Speak About the Catholic Sexual Ethic
In 1976 the Catholic Theological Society of America endorsed the publication of a book on Catholic sexual ethics, entitled HUMAN SEXUALITY: New Directions in American Catholic Thought.

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