The Power of the Father’s Blessing
2 Prayers That Dads Should Memorize And Use Daily
Kindly Aggressive Families
Interview by Marta Román to Professor Melendo, Academic Director of the University Studies on the Family
Contraceptive Failure Rate Chart
Contraceptive Method and its Failure Rate in Preventing Pregnancies
Family Values Versus Safe Sex - A Reflection by Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo
A Reflection by Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo about family and safe sex.
“I’m not a baby anymore!”
She’s an eighth grader, but she still needs and wants their support, protection and love.
Feminine Spiritual Gifts
God created women to be sensitive to spiritual things.
It's More Than Just a Date
The grace of the sacraments of service.
Two By Two
What the words of commitment really mean
Weaving Prayer into the Daily Grind
An incredible team of business leaders able to weave prayer into their tightly wound days.
Raising a child
7 Things Your Child Learns
When You Regularly Have Family Meals
Our First Major Purchase
Adjustment to marriage
Family: Is its Dysfunction the Future?
Why is the acceptance of false family contrary to reason?
Aging Parents
My parents? I have no time!
How to Raise a Christ-Centered Child
Children who have a positive relationship to spirituality are they are safe children themselves
When Your Marriage Hits The Boredom Rut
After 16 years of marriage Bill and Betty find themselves in the marital doldrums.

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