The Power of the Father’s Blessing
2 Prayers That Dads Should Memorize And Use Daily
5 Things to Do When God’s Plan for You Doesn’t Make Sense
God will never fix our problems or change our circumstances but he can guide and comfort us.
5 Secrets to Establishing A Sibling Bond That Will Last A Lifetime
Mothers are like referee
Vademecum for Confessors Concerning Some Aspects of the Morality of Conjugal Life
This Vademecum traces its origin to the particular pastoral sensitivity of the Holy Father, who has entrusted the task of preparing this aid for confessors to the Pontifical Council for the Family.
Taking a Year Off
All throughout the engagement process, people have asked us how the wedding preparation is going, or given us tips to remember on our wedding day.
Weaving Prayer into the Daily Grind
An incredible team of business leaders able to weave prayer into their tightly wound days.
Women and social media
Does Facebook influence perceptions of the female body?
We’re pro-life
Carrie DeKlyen was diagnosed with glioblastoma
If the Church is Boring or Redundant is Marriage Too?
The Catholic Church is often times accused of being too “redundant” and “religious”. Let me respond to this by offering a comparison analogous to marriage.
A Marriage Health Checkup
Keeping health in marriage.
Why (And How) to Bring Your Kids to Adoration
May the Children come to you, who open your minds and hearts.
Surprise: Study Finds Condoms Don't Work
"Massive U.S. Government Study Finds That Condoms Don’t Work."
Wedding Planning Reality Check
“A Wedding is a Day; A Marriage is a Lifetime.” So the key is not to put more emphasis on the wedding plans than the subsequent marriage.
Perseverance: Love Never Ends
When couples persevere, they bring this unique steadfast love!
Parenting: What The Airlines Can Teach Us
“Place the mask on yourself first and then help those who are unable to help themselves.” What are the reasons they teach this?
Forgiveness: Healing The Hurts In Marriage
Marriage asks that we not take forgiving for granted

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