St. Joseph raises Jesus in silence
Pope Francis invited us not to lose the ability to dream and to open ourselves to tomorrow with trust

Every life is sacred
Pope Francis begs for end to death penalty through an ethic of caring

Fr Cantalamessa: Contemplating Trinity helps overcome division
The Trinity shows us the True Path to Unity

Pope urges Telepace TV to be voice of voiceless, peace builders
Voice of those who have no voice.

‘Our Father turns suffering into dialogue’
The Holy Father noted that there are no prefaces to the prayer.

Let us allow ourselves to be consoled by God
Pope Francis speaks about consolation, which he says should be the normal state for Christians.

Prepare for Christmas with the courage of faith
The Pope said “it’s not easy to keep the faith, to defend the faith”.

God is in our midst
All the promises made by the Son of God are infallibly kept.

The Lord is the rock on which to build our lives
Pope Francis focused on three words: speaking and acting; sand and rock; high and low.

During Advent, ask Jesus to teach us to pray
Pope Francis began a new cycle of catechesis, which will focus on the Lord’s prayer.

Advent a time to make peace in the soul, family, neighbourhood

Advent is a time for purifying the faith
The time of Advent has three dimensions: the past, the future, and the present.

Christians must provide credible witness with their lives
Testimony means “putting one’s life on the line” and “doing what I say I do”.

‘So-called Christian societies will end if pagan'
Let us open our hearts with hope and distance ourselves from the paganization of life.

In Christ we see the true
Pope at Audience: Commandments are guide to authentic Christian life

How do we want to meet the Lord?
The Church invites us to ask ourselves this week, “what will my end be like?”

Generosity enlarges the heart’
Pope Francis says Christians need to be generous towards the poor.

Pope: ‘politics is a commitment to humanity and holiness’
Prophets of peace and workers for the common good

Commandments open heart to God
Pope Francis says the Ten Commandments help us open our hearts.

Commandments open heart to God
Pope Francis says the Ten Commandments help us open our hearts to receive the mercy of God

Pope Francis thanks Lebanon for welcoming refugees
Pope met with the bishops of the Maronite Catholic Church.

Albania, a land of ancient and glorious history
Pope Francis said, “has validly expressed the Albanian character.”

Root charitable works in prayer
Pope Francis encourages the knights and dames to root their charitable works in prayer.

Martyrdom doesn’t make the news
The Church is made manifest “in the Eucharist and in good works.”

Gossip kills, God is truth
“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour”

Be prophets of hope
Pope Francis said religious life is “full of opportunities, enthusiasm, and passion”

Millenial parents
Happy Boys and girls, enjoying their paternity.

Pope Francis said the first thing is faith
Pope at Mass: bishop, a humble and meek servant, not a prince

Pope at Mass warns against idolatry of money in the Church
Pope Francis invited Christians to respect churches as the house of God.

Bearing witness, complaining, asking questions
The Pope warns against the sin of “murmuring”

Life is a time for giving, not possessing
The Holy Father focused on the Seventh Word: You shall not steal.

Jesus invites us to the banquet of the Kingdom
Jesus invites us to be with Him at the feast.

Pope warns against selfish ambition and conceit
Think of the rivalry between siblings for the father’s inheritance for example

Today is a day of hope
Pope Francis offers the Holy Sacrifice for the poor souls in Purgatory.

Today is a day of hope
Pope Francis offers the Holy Sacrifice for the poor souls in Purgatory.

Beatitudes, the path to holiness in daily life
All Saints Day is a Family Feast

All love is meant to be faithful, generous and fruitful.
The husband must love his wife as Christ loves the Church.

Pope’s condolence for victims of Indonesia’s plane crash
Pope Francis conveys his condolences to all those affected by this tragedy.

Help migrants remember their journey
Proclaim the Word to them and to walk with them.

Humility, Gentleness and Patience Lead to Peace
Pope Francis invited Christians to "build" and "consolidate" unity in today's world

Who is Jesus Christ for you?
Pope Francis speaks about the importance of recognising that we are sinners.

Passionists are called to read the signs of time
Pope Francis meets with members of the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus.

By reaching out we find the promised inheritance
Pope Francis explained that the leaven of the Spirit is given to those who have been “sealed by the Spirit”.

The three forms of poverty
Pope Francis dwells on the three ways of living poverty in the life of the Christian.

Pope at General Audience: “Indifference kills
Pope Francis reflects on the Fifth Commandment “Do not kill”.

Be careful around rigid Christians
Pope Francis warns us to watch out for hypocrites, whose hearts are not open to grace.

Canonization Mass
Signs and symbols of sanctity

Watch out against friendly, “well-mannered demons”
Warning that the devil’s purpose and vocation is

Jesus teaches us to be "invasive" in prayer
God is the friend who can give us what we need.

Welcome life as God’s gift
Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Commandments.

The true Christian is in love with the Lord
The Key is to be in love with the Lord.

True Christians not afraid to get their hands dirty
Pope Francis urges lay people and pastors to reflect on what it means to be Christian.

Hypocritical Christians behave like pagans
The Holy Father called on all of us to make an examination of conscience.

Synod is a time for sharing
Pope Francis said: the Synod, must be an exercise in dialogue.

Synod on Young People: Moment of Grace
The Synod’s theme is Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment”.

Synod on Young People: Moment of Grace
The Synod’s theme is Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.

Guardian angels, our daily gate to the Father
Life is a journey, along which we must be helped by “companions,” by “protectors.

“Allow yourselves to be transformed and renewed by the Spirit"
Pope Francis tells priests of Créteil , France, to serve others according to the model of Jesus.

Pope urges Latvian Christians to pursue unity and keep the faith alive
Pope Francis on Monday warned Latvians to keep the Christian faith alive

Take the road of mercy to God’s heart.
The Pope said, Christians should always be aware of where they come from and they should never forget their sins.

Honour parents even with their imperfections
Honour ypur father and mother, said Pope Francis

Continue to illuminate the path to unity
The Mekhitarist identity, consists above all in being entirely consecrated to God.

The cross teaches us not to fear defeat
“The cross of Jesus teaches us that in life there is failure and there is victory"

Mercy is the Christian "style"
The Pope recalls that Christians do not follow the “spirit of the world,” but live the “folly of the Cross.”

Meeting on prevention of abuse
Pope to meet with Bishops to discuss protection of minors

Full solidarity of the Council of Cardinals
The Council of Cardinals (C9) has expressed it solidarity with Pope Francis.

Gospel newness does not permit a double life
Pope Francis preaches on the difference between the “novelties” of the world and the “newness” of Christ

Pope to Parents: Work together with schools
Pope Francis noted the alliance between families and the school system

Pope to consecrated widows: Live a life of simplicity, humilty
Pope Francis urged the widows to use their experiences help the young and the poor.

Discern true rest from false rest
Pope Francis focuses on the Commandment, " Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day."

Make an examination of conscience every day
Pope said that in the heart of each person “the spirit of the world” and the “Spirit of God” confront one another every day.

The truth is humble, the truth is silent
The dignity of the Christian is anchored in the power of God.

Christianity threatened by rampant relativism
The Holy Father then pointed out that St. Joseph’s virtues are a model for the Oblates.

Families an eloquent sign of God’s dream
Pope Francis looks back on his visit to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families.

I found so much faith in Ireland!
Pope Francis shares his thoughts about his Apostolic Journey as he speaks with reporters during the flight back to Rome.

I beg Lord's forgiveness for these sins and betrayal
Pope Francis in Angelus at Knock on sexual abuse.

Pope Francis decries failure of bishops in abuse scandal
Pope said the anger of Catholics at bishops´failure in response to the sexual abuse is appropiate and that he shares those feelings.

Dublin awaits Pope Francis
What to watch for during papal trip to Ireland

I am salt and light
Jeff Fortenberry, member of the International Catholic Legislators Network, speaks with Vatican News about the relevance of Pope Francis’ message regarding religious freedom.

Taking upon ourselves the name of God
Pope reflected on the Second Commandment – “You shall not invoke the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.”

Cardinal O’Malley calls for consequences for Church leadership
Cardinal O’Malley said that “words fail” for the situation the Church in the US is facing.

Pope calls for solidarity and penance in Letter on abuse crisis
Pope has writtten a letter to the whole People of God addressing the ongoing crisis of sexual abuse in the Church.

Vatican responds to Pennsylvania Grand Jury abuse report
There are two words that can express the feelings faced with these horrible crimes: shame and sorrow.

St. Stanislaus teaches youth to run towards holiness
Pope Francis invites young people to run the race towards holiness and to dream of finding true happiness in Jesus.

God saves the whole person, body and soul
Pope Francis focused on the truth that God wills to save the whole human person, body and soul.

“No one has greater love than this…”
The liturgical feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe occurs on August 14.

‘It’s evil not to do good!’
If we want to be a good Christian, we must also adhere to goodness and do good.

Pope commends Knights of Columbus for charity,
Pope Francis has encouraged the Knights of Columbus in practical charity

Argentina Senate rejects voluntary abortion law
Argentina’s Senate voted on Thursday against legalizing voluntary abortion into the 14th week of pregnancy.

Christians turn our gaze to Christ crucified
Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Ten Commandments.

Pope sends condolences to Indonesia earthquake victims
In a telegram to Church and civil authorities in Indonesia, Pope Francis expresses his sorrow for the “tragic loss of life”

Pope Francis: ‘death penalty inadmissable’
In the light of the Gospel the Death penalty is an attack on the Dignity of the person

Love incompatible with idolatry
The true God teaches us to love.

Pope Francis sends aid to Yemeni refugees
Pope in solidarity with the refugees

Build Bridges
Pope tells moral theologians of the need to build bridges of fraternity

Saints Joachim and Anne
The Roman Catholic Church commemorates the parents of the Virgin Mary,

The Joy of Married Love
“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” ohn 10:10

Pope Assures Heartfelt Solidarity, Prayers, Blessings
Pope Sends Telegram of Condolences for Those Affected by Wildfires in Greece

Do you want to grow in love?
Keep Jesus close, pope says

World Meeting of Families in Dublin
Dublin archdiocese seeks 4,000 Eucharistic ministers for papal Mass

The Nunzio Sulprizio will be Canonized in October

The modern miracle of Fatima
Pray the rosary every day.

Look to your Roots
Pope Francis has taken time out of his vacation to send a video message to the young people of Antilles.

Two characteristics of missionary disciples
Mission has a centre; Mission has a face

WMOF in Dublin
All papal events booked out six weeks in advance

Cardinal Tauran commended to God in Requiem Mass at St Peter's
The funeral Mass for Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran was celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Sodano.

Ireland's situation: post-referendum on abortion and pre-papal visit
The current population looks like they might not be in favor of the Church.

Legal challenges to Canada Summer Jobs focus on freedom of speech
Legal opposition continues to gather against a new rule for a long-standing Canadian summer jobs program.

Pope expresses solidarity and sadness for victims of Japan floods
Pope Francis expressed his "heartfelt solidarity"

Mass for migrants
Pope urges open hearts, doors towards continuing tragedy of migrants, refugees

Official Video "Here I Am, The Servant of The Lord"
WYD Panama 2019 releases an international version of the hymn “Let it be done to me according to your word”

Francis' prayer intention for priests
“The tiredness of priests...Do you know how often I think about it?”

Pope’s ecumenical and peace initiative in Bari on Middle East Christians
The Pope’s ecumenical and peace initiative in Bari was presented at a press conference in the Vatican.

Fear sin, not death
Catholics have no reason to fear death, instead, they should fear sin.

Christians are certain of Jesus’ identity
You are the Christ, the Son of the living God

Prayerful hopes for greater experience of unity
Pope Francis receives the traditional delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

The Commandments are an invitation
Pope Francis continued his catechesis focussed on the Ten Commandments

Pope makes changes within College of Cardinals
Pope Francis has transferred four Cardinals to the “Order of Bishops” within the College of Cardinals.

Respect for the world begins with respect for the human body
Christian bioethics must begin with the profound conviction of the irrevocable dignity of the human person.

Middle East a crossroads of suffering
Pope Francis warns of the risk that Christians could be eliminated from the Middle East.

Real ecumenism puts Christ over division
Christ must be prioritized over any differences that might get in the way of unity.

Commandments are path to freedom.
Pope Francis says the Commandments establish a dialogue between us and God.

Share the Journey
The Pope highlighted the importance and the value of “sharing” spaces.

Pope denounces “slanderous communication” of dictatorships
If you want to destroy institutions or people, you start by speaking ill of them

Exploiting women is a sin against God.
Pope´s homily was a reflection on the many different ways in which women are exploited

Jesus desires reconciliation
Pope Francis says that Jesus invites us to 'radical reconciliation'.

The Ten Commandments.
Christians must pursue the path of true life, true love, true wealth

‘The Holy Spirit – protagonist of evangelization’
Pope reflects on 3 aspects of evangelization present in the readings of the liturgy: proclamation, service and gratuitousness.

God’s love has no need for words but for concrete gestures'
God´s love has no limits, his greatness is manifested in small things and tenderness.

Memory and hope go hand in hand
Pope Francis has encouraged Christians to think back to their encounters with Jesus.

We are called to be gifts for others
Pope Francis dedicated his catechesis on Wednesday to the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Pope Francis praying for victims of Guatemala volcano
The Pope said he is praying for the eternal repose of the deceased .

May the Holy Spirit unite what is still divided.
The Pope expressed his hope for a future in which all divergences will be overcome.

The Devil is behind every persecution
Pope Francis reflected on how the Devil is the cause of all forms of persecution

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi this year.
Pope to lead Corpus Christi procession in Ostia

Let yourselves be shaped by the Spirit.
Pope Francis has reminded believers that Confirmation is an “undeserved gift”

Reject worldly patterns of behaviour that take away our freedom
Pope Francis warns Christians against remaining attached to worldly ways of thinking

Joy is the air Christians breathe
Pope reproposes the theme of being men and women bearing joy in his homily on Monday at Casa Santa Marta.

Health of family is decisive for world, Church
Jesus accompanies families

Celebrating Our Lady of Sheshan
The Holy Father invited us to keep our hearts far away from riches.

Pope asks for prayers for Catholics in China
Without the Holy Spirit we are nothing.

Pope meets with Italian Bishops' Conference
Crisis of vocations, Evangelical poverty and transparency, and Reduction and merging of dioceses.

The Church, like Mary, is woman and mother
The first virtue of a mom is tenderness.

Don’t waste time being a busybody.
Francis reminds bishops and all pastors to “love, tend the sheep, and prepare oneself for the cross”

May true unity be our goal
There are 2 types of unity in his homily during Mass : One he calls “true” unity; and the other, “false” unity.

Let grace of Baptism bear fruit in your lives
Pope Francis urges us to be guided by the light of Christ.

Be Bishops for your flock, not for your career
Pope Francis says he prays all bishops follow the example of the Apostle Paul with his obedience to the Holy Spirit-

Our "destiny" is to live in friendship with Jesus
Pope Francis urged Christians in their vocation to live their friendship with Jesus

“Frankness” and “Perseverance” , two keyword to keep in mind.
Pope Francis Thursday paid a visit to two small Catholic communities in central Italy dedicated to living solidarity.

General Audience
In Christ, and by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we are made adoptive children of the Father.

Don't dialogue with the devil, the great liar
Never approach the devil nor talk to him: he is "defeated" .

Pope Francis sends video message to forum on 'modern-day slavery'
Pope Francis has called for concerted effort on the part of all actors of society

A good bishop is watchful, involved and close to his flock
A bishop is one who is close fo his flock

Transmitting the faith is a birth process
Pope Francis focuses his homily on the characteristics needed to accompany the transmission of the faith.

Christians are called to make choices
The Holy Spirit gives us the strength

Love knows how to find the good
Pope Francis received Giorgio, Rosita and Davide Barolini, along with other members of the “Una Vita Rara” association.

Heaven is not boring
heaven is the place of eternal joy in the face-to-face encounter with Jesus, not just some boring place as some imagine.

Without love the Church cannot move or grow.
In the Last Supper, in which Jesus teaches love in the Eucharist and service in the washing of the feet.

Strengthened by Christ's Passover
I can do all things in him who strengthens me.

The Church finds its balance when it is mobile.
Pope Francis reflects on the readings of the day and the central role of the Holy Spirit in the disciple’s life.

Be like Jesus the Good Shepherd
On Sunday Pope Francis ordained 16 men to the priesthood.

Christians are called to be 'couriers of hope'
Living for others is the trademark of a Christian

Pope Francis marks anniversary of Benedictine Confederation
The Pope recalled the vital work of the Benedictines and their contribution to the Church.

The sign of the cross is our badge
To make the sign of the cross is to mark ourselves as Christians

The Church needs prophets
A True Prophet is he who is capable of weeping for his people who do not heed him.

Follow Jesus out of faith, not self-interest.
There are two ways of following Jesus: out of self-interest in his miracles or through faith in his word.

Christ gives true freedom
True Christian freedom means having the clear-minded openness to make room for God in our lives and to follow Jesus.

‘Easter joy brings obedience, witness, realism’
the Holy Father reflected on the three traits that are born from Easter joy: obedience, witness, and realism.

A guide to Christianity for the 21st Century: the new Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis

Pope sends videomessage to Spanish religious
God’s call does not work through marketing models.

Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation on holiness to be presented on Monday.
An Apostolic Exhortation is considered the second-highest form of papal teaching, after an Encyclical Letter.

We should leave every Mass better than when we went in
The Mass is not just a weekly commitment that can be forgotten about once people go out the church doors.

Today is a Day of Celebration
This is because fraternity is the fruit of Christ’s death and resurrection

How will you respond to the resurrection?
The announcements of God are always a surprise, because ours is a God of surprises

God is close to his people.
The Lord always comes to us.

Easter Triduum is center of Christian faith
Christ, my hope, is arisen; into Galilee he will go before his own.

Sudan Council of Churches met with Pope Francis
“Working together as Christians is more important than stressing our differences"

World Water Day
Contribution of Pope Francis and the Holy See

World Water Day
Contribution of Pope Francis and the Holy See

Vatican releases Pope Francis' schedule for Holy Week
The Vatican is preparing for Holy Week with a full schedule of celebrations scheduled for the holiest portion of the Church year.

We forget the Lord’s strength
Pope Francis invites us to look at a Crucifix when we are depressed and tired out with life’s journey.

Pope Francis' 5th anniversary
Pope Francis 19 March 2013 — 19 March 2018

Obedience to the Gospel
In his fourth Lenten meditation on Friday, Fr. Cantalmessa focuses on the place of obedience in the Christian life.

Prayer requires courage and patience
Pope Francis reflects on the power of prayer, starting with the dialogue between God and Moses.

Pope Francis continues his catechesis
Liturgy prepares us to receive Christ in Holy Communion

5th anniversary of Pope Francis' election
The Volume ‘A Pope Francis Lexicon’ Was Created by Cindy Wooden and Joshua McElwee

Don’t be “parked Christians”
True Christians don´t stop going forward after receiving the first gift of grace.

Every young person, should be able to hear the voice of God.
Pope Francis on Friday told confessors that they have a special responsibility to help young people discern their vocations in life.

Dialogue essential to end suffering
The oppressed and the persecuted is an integral part of the mission entrusted by God to the Church.

The Mass is Christ's sacrifice which is free
Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the Mass focusing his attention on the Eucharistic Prayer.

God forgives only if we forgive others
Pope Francis focused on admitting our sinfulness and forgiving others in order to obtain God’s pardon.

Faith and Religion are not a Show
The Church urges us to Convert our Actions throught Fasting

Mercy Friday
Pope visits women in semi-detention with young children

Modern individualism Reflects ancient Heresies
Vatican letter says the difficulty many have in accepting the teachings of Christianity in today´s Society.

The first Christian altar was the cross
To the altar we bring the little we have in our gifts

The Lenten season 40 days of abstaining
These 17th century monks did a beer fast for Lent

First Lent Sermon 2018

33rd World Youth Day
Prayer and reflection of the Church will turn to you young people, said Pope Francis

The women in the Gospel
Today's meditation in the spiritual exercises of the Pope.

Pope's spiritual exercises
Even though we still are ‘incomplete’ and ‘under construction,’ Jesus offers us unconditional love.

Now is the time for conversion
Lent is a time to face our temptations and be converted by the Gospel

Australian bishops dedicate start of Lent to abuse victims
Four days of fasting and reparation.

Pope Francis' message for Lent 2018
The season of Lent as a “sacramental sign of our conversion”.

Dominicans worldwide
Dominicans offered Masses for their deceased parents and for all deceased parents of friars.

Pope’s Advice for Lent
Lent as a “sacramental sign” of our conversion.

Benedict XVI says he's 'on pilgrimage home'
In a rare new letter penned by Benedict XVI said he is in the last phase of his life.

This Lent, revive your enthusiasm for the faith.
May the light of Christ rising in glory dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.

Prayer for Congo and Sudan
Pope announces day of prayer, fasting for Congo and South Sudan

Remember you're going to die
A good idea is to pray to God asking for a good sense of time.

Advice to Shepherds?
Shepherds Do Not Put Up Signs With Hours.

Pope revamps ecclesiastical universities in new apostolic constitution.
A radical reform to the Nature and Curriculum of Ecclesiastical Universities and Instituions.

Confront the lies of 'fake news,' Francis says
The best “antidote” to the spread of falsehoods in ‘fake news’ aren’t strategies, he stated, but people.

March for Life in Paris
From Darkness to lighte


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