Two Books addressing Marriage and Family life
Bishops in Nigeria release books on marriage, family life.

Prepare Spiritually for the Holidays
Here’s how to prepare our hearts and minds for the blessings of Our Lord’s love

Barronelle Stutzman
Barronelle Stutzman took a stand for her Christian beliefs she never imagined she would be dealing with legal issues.

The Love in Autumn
It is true, perhaps to love a person, may be to accept aging with it.

The Excellence of the Conjugal Love
There is no greater triumph that create and maintain a home where it is cultivated the personal love and gives life to new beings

The Stations on your Marriage
The love, therefore, requires time to grow and develop.

Given for Your Whole Life, do Removes the Freedom?
One of the most beautiful of the signals of love consists in giving himself for life

Boring Marriage? 4 Keys to Change It
To enjoy the marriage, makes lack being in love, and to be in love with you need to be willing to sacrifice

First Dispute: “We Divorced!"
Marriages of today seek spiritual help to rescue its relationship.

Attention to Conflicts!
The secret of a good marriage is knowing how to resolve well the conflicts that arise - whether they are serious or not.

The Wedding Lasts a Day, the Sacrament Your Whole Life!
Without a doubt, say yes to the vocation of marriage is one of the most important steps.

Some Tips to Pray With Your Spouse
Have you ever wondered how to pray more closely with her husband? Would you like to be spiritually closer to your wife?

Marriage...Is Forever
Do you give your life for the children? Yes, but not by sacrificing mortal, but as daily life in the family, for them. This itself is to give your life for your children.

The Social Doctrine of the Church in the family
Application of the principles of Catholic social teaching on family life

Darling, I'll Tell You How I Feel When You See Pornography
Pornography is destroying us both.

Family: Is its Dysfunction the Future?
Why is the acceptance of false family contrary to reason?

No One Changes, If We Don´t Want to Change
And if I do not change, my marriage, my family, my neighborhood, my city will not change.

Today Most People Do Not Want to Marry. Why?
There are two ways to cope with love and life in general: to slide in life or to decide what is it that you want.

When Love is An Exercise of the Will
Loving someone involves a commitment that one voluntarily assumes because of the value of the other person and not because of the circumstances in which the relationship develops

"After 26 years of marriage, we love more and better than the beginning"
"We all live in relationship with someone" - Marriage Encounter

Marriage and Family
We find ourselves facing a firestorm that is apparently global about the biblical plan for sexuality, marriage, and family

Analysis: Behind the Scenes in Abortion Clinics
Former Workers Tell Their Stories

I Do
We have a life we make together.

Marriage Is The Icon Of God's Love
The image of God is the married couple.

When Your Marriage Hits The Boredom Rut
After 16 years of marriage Bill and Betty find themselves in the marital doldrums.

Seven Reasons Why I Love my Husband
Reasons why I love being married to Justin.

Resolving Differences
The other side of apologizing is forgiving.

How To Pray With Your Spouse: Four Simple Steps
Ever wonder how to pray more intimately with your husband?

Living Out A Fruitful Marriage (Before Having Kids)
Prospect of learning to be good stewards of the awesome gift of fertility.

Just Friends
Happily married couples concentrate on the positive qualities of each other.

Three Pillars Of The Spousal Relationship
Pope Francis: Faithfulness, perseverance, and fruitfulness are the three pillars of Christ's love for His bride.

Marital Boundaries
Attraction is natural and usually unexpected.

Making "I Do" Work
Marriage after the wedding.

Love In So Many Words
When you share a long history with someone, your love for each other is an intricate blend of the many life experiences that have shaped you as a couple

A Marriage Health Checkup
Keeping health in marriage.

Common Courtesy Of Love
Providers them the security of being loved and cared for.

Two By Two
What the words of commitment really mean

Recognize the first signs of winter taking root in your relationship

Let Him Serve You
The beauty of waiting

An Attractive Couple
If we let God shine through the cracks in our imperfect broken lives

It's More Than Just a Date
The grace of the sacraments of service.

The Ephesians 5 Wife: Subject or Spoiled?
Love those women as Christ loved the Church

A Living, Changing Love
Love looks different after time

Marriage: A Perpetual Advent
Reflect on this season of waiting

Gaining Trust While Losing Control
Marriage challenges every couple to radical trust in God's providence.

Marriage Is Awesome
For those who don’t know, married life is awesome!

Our First Major Purchase
Adjustment to marriage

Hosting My Wife
Hospitality is a skill that we need to practice within our family.

Couple Time
Our time together doesn't have to be expensive or take a lot of planning.

The Marital Dance
Life´s a dance, you learn as you go; sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.

Humility: Foundation for Marital Success
We don't need to be wealthy, famous, or powerful to fulfill our destiny.

Forgiveness: Healing The Hurts In Marriage
Marriage asks that we not take forgiving for granted

I Promise To Be True To You
Fidelity is a virtue intertwined with true love

Do What You Want With Me
Newly married couples are often asked if they want children and how many

The Contemplative Marriage
There is an old Viking tradition that after a couple is married they are immediately sent away together.

The Shape of Love
While some may consider this as rather old-fashioned and even outdated, we have always told our girls that a true man, if he really loves and respects her, should also show respect for her parents by seeking their permission and blessing before proposing.

Here's Hoping
Hope is the theological virtue by which we desire the kingdom of heaven and eternal life.

Does Your Marriage Produce Good Fruit?
A happy, fruitful, marriage requires work

Do You Date Your Spouse?
When is the last time you dated your spouse?

Advice to the Groom
Honor is the most unappreciated vow.

Planning a Wedding: Ten Tips
The Celebration of Marriage is not just a religious ceremony

Planning a Catholic Wedding
Nowadays many engaged couples handle a lot of their own wedding planning

A Bright Teaching That Makes Good Marriages Great
Most people enter marriage wanting the best for their spouses and themselves.

25 Ways to Fight Fair
25 ways to solve marriage problems

The Vocation of Marriage
Marriage involves a call from God and a response from two people who promise to build, with the help of divine grace, a lifelong, intimate and sacramental partnership of love and life.

What Makes For A Happy And Lasting Marriage?
All couples want their marriages to succeed. But what makes for a happy and lasting marriage?

Be Her Joseph
Natural Family Planning (NFP) amd the Catholic Church

I Have No Idea Who I Married
There came a point during our honeymoon when I looked at my brand new wife and asked myself, What did we just do?

Try A Five-Point Tune-Up For Your Marriage
Talk Turkey. Fall for each other. Show me the money. Go back to school. Get fit.

The Promise
My son and his wife experienced a real challenge at a time that should have been their greatest joy. My daughter-in-law fell victim to post-partum psychosis after the birth of their first child. Through the year that followed both families supported the young couple as best they could. I came to help take care of the baby for a time.

Help Your Marriage to Thrive
Having a reason for living beyond one’s personal pleasure helps us deal with those mysteries of life that don’t always make sense.

What are the Social Benfits of Marriage?
Marriage, the union of one man and one woman, is a personal, but not private, relationship with great public significance. Marriage is good for the couple; it is also provides the optimal conditions for bearing and raising children. Marriage makes an essential contribution to the common good. Some specific benefits are identified below.

Changing Your Spouse And Yourself
They say that when a man marries a woman, he thinks, “She’s the one I’ve been waiting for. She’ll never change.” – and she always does. And a woman looks at her man, and thinks, “He just needs a little work; after we’re married, I’ll help him change” – and he never does.

Healing the Hurts in Marriage
On our 25th wedding anniversary, Neil and I celebrated with our faith community at Mass. By chance the Gospel was the parable of the prodigal son, but it probably wasn't chance at all! This story is often applied to parents and children, but as I listened, I heard our journey in marriage.

Commitment is not a very “sexy” word or concept but it probably has more to do with making marriages work than anything save common values.

Loving and Liking your Spouse
“I love my husband, but I don’t like him.” That’s a comment I often hear in my couples mediation practice and as a facilitator at a Fight Less, Love More couples course.

Marriage is a School of Love and Gratitude
Through life’s journey, sometime a husband or wife may need to reflect on the gift of the other, especially when misunderstandings or difficulties arise.

How to Deepen Empathy
It's easy to fall into the trap of taking each other for granted or just putting up with each other.

Fight Less and Love More
The values we hold dear to us–respect, appreciation, compassion, loyalty and companionship–are fostered or destroyed every day by our word choices and actions.

Top 10 Reasons to Communicate
Why is communication in marriage so important.

Why Dating is Important for Marriage
Date nights improve marriages, according to common sense and a comprehensive, quantitative study conducted by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia.

Why Married Parents are Important for Children
Society assumed that children needed this stability in order to thrive.

Ten Important Research Findings On Marriage
Interesting facts about marriage.

When Rain Drenches a Marriage
Simply enduring the difficult years has merit, yet a couple can better handle disillusionment by actively building commitment and rediscovering what their marriage is meant to be – even on rainy days.

Common Values: The Glue That Holds Marriages Together
Values are important. Different beliefs about respect for human life and other moral values are deeply rooted.

Patience: Key to a Lasting Marriage
When long-married couples are asked the recipe for marital success, many identify patience as a key ingredient. It’s the indispensable virtue for living together day after day in relative peace, without constant struggles to change the other to our liking.

Marital Spirituality
A spirituality of marriage, therefore, is a way to help husbands and wives live out the vocation of marriage in light of faith.

The Courage to be Married
It may not take courage to make a promise, but it can take a lot of courage to keep a promise. This is especially true for the promises we make on our wedding day.

Perseverance: Love Never Ends
When couples persevere, they bring this unique steadfast love!

Knowing Christ the Bridegroom as a Married Woman
Motherhood allowed me to better understand Childhood and I found myself calling on the Holy Spirit much more than I had ever before.

Not A Game of Chance: What Marriage is Really All About
“Man finds himself only in true gift of self.”

A Good Marriage
Advices about marriage.

Looking Back at my First Year of Marriage
An update of some of our successes and failures in our first year. As I look back on this year, my heart overflows with thankfulness to God for our vocation as husband and wife.

Grace of the Sacrament
My life is about to change. In about one month, I will be getting married to the love of my life...

Taking a Year Off
All throughout the engagement process, people have asked us how the wedding preparation is going, or given us tips to remember on our wedding day.

Marriage as a Vocation
As a domestic church, remember the Trinity has three parts and so does your marriage: you, Jesus, and your spouse.

My husband the gentleman
Even before I knew it by name, I have always believed chivalry to be very important. When I was a teenager, it was on my list of characteristics and qualities that I found particularly appealing in boys

The Secret to True Love from a Matress
The patterned comforter, comfy throw pillows, and springy mattress may not look like much, but neither does a large stone table. These ordinary places are transformed through the extraordinary mysteries that take place on them.

What makes marriage work
What is the one indispensable ingredient for making marriages work? Family life educators usually answer: communication. This is good news, because effective communication can be learned.

Marriage... Game Over
Why would marriage be a "game over"?

Stages of Marriage
The psychologist Paul Tournier said, “I’ve been married six times – all to the same woman.” Tournier explained that he never got divorced, but rather his marriage transitioned from one stage to another.

Bachelors life interrupted
“Man, who is the only creature on earth which God willed for itself, cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.”

They said it Wouldn't Last
There have been many ups and downs throughout my marriage of 19 years. Some folks said my husband and I wouldn’t last six months; we were so different!

Stages of growth in marriage
Social scientists have observed that marriages typically move through a series of at least four stages. Each stage presents unique learning opportunities and blessings, along with challenges and obstacles.

Tinsel or Garland? Real or Fake?
In our first year of marriage, that was our first major argument as a couple. Creating new traditions, unique to us as a couple, has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of each passing holiday season.

In Sickness and in Health
We had been engaged for 13 months, with 22 days until the big day, when Matt, at age 23, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer...

Newly Married
The first five years can be exhilarating as couples experience new “firsts” together.

Overcoming obstacles
Over the years a couple can expect to face many issues, both big and small. Some, such as financial, career, and parenting decisions, can be handled by honestly discussing them with each other or with friends who can provide wise advice.

Why Get Married in a Church?
“I just want to be married outside” is generally not going to be reason enough.

Wedding Planning Reality Check
“A Wedding is a Day; A Marriage is a Lifetime.” So the key is not to put more emphasis on the wedding plans than the subsequent marriage.

What makes marriage work
What is the one indispensable ingredient for making marriages work? Family life educators usually answer: communication. This is good news, because effective communication can be learned.

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Fuera de programa, gestos de cercana e improvisaciones significativas en los discursos resumen la visita del Papa a Ecuador

My Marriage is Not a Fairy Tale
Also titled, “How you can marry the man of your dreams and still want to punch him in the face sometimes.”

If the Church is Boring or Redundant is Marriage Too?
The Catholic Church is often times accused of being too “redundant” and “religious”. Let me respond to this by offering a comparison analogous to marriage.


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