Barriers That Stop and Paralyze
We are expected by a good God, who will appreciate the weight of our actions and the sincerity of our repentance.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We thought it was easy. We made one call, and another, and another. Negative, confusing answers, excuses, reproaches. Lost time. A strange sense of defeat. 

In life we make decisions that we believe are just and timely. Then a barrier closes the way. There is no way to convince others or to overcome obstacles.

The temptation of autorreproche arises: had he been more attentive, if he had remembered how this and that thought, he would not have invested time and energy for something almost impossible.

To encounter barriers in the way of life can paralyze the soul. It is true that on many occasions we manage to move forward, but other times the failure is complete.

Faced with barriers obstructing the passage, it is time to rethink our objectives. We won't always be right to see where to walk now. But we will feel the importance of not being sunk by negatives and obstacles. It can also be a time to stop us, in the frenzy of every day, and realize that we are in a provisional, uncertain, often hostile and aggressive world, where so many desires remain unrealized.

Dreaming of it all down here is deceptive and causes frustration. In addition, there are a thousand unforeseen variables that can trigger, unexpectedly, difficult situations never imagined.

The last barrier, the definitive, comes with the moment of death. Then the time of decisions, fears and hopes, triumphs and temporary defeats ends.

The heart crosses the last frontier. On the other side, a good God awaits us, who will value the weight of our actions and the sincerity of our repentance.

At that moment, only the mercy received and the forgiveness offered and begged, will allow us to overcome the last barrier to entering a Kingdom where love shines and where the Father celebrates the arrival of every good son.

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