How to Relativize a Biblical Relativist
The Gospel is not a book like any document of the ancient period. For believers, the Bible comes from God and is interpreted, legitimately, by the church.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

In today's world there are those who elaborate and disseminate a relativistic interpretation of the Christian message.

According to these authors, the message of Christ would not be clear. What we have in the Gospels would be a reflection of the first believers that does not reflect what the mysterious prophet who came from Galilee had accurately said.

In addition, Jesus spoke to the people of his time, while the church needs to adapt His message to each era and leave room for each to interpret what can be worth or not to his current situation.

With such observations, Christianity remains at the mercy of the interpreters. One will read it in a permissive way, another in a rigorist, another in a historic, and another will just throw it away as outdated.

This way of emptying the gospel falls into several mistakes. The first, is to impose an arbitrary biblical reading, which depends on men and that departs from the community. The second, involves neglecting the fundamental Christian event, which is explained from the intervention of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in human history. Biblical relativist sizing is then limited to encapsulating the message in rationalist and contingent schemes. The third, is to depart from the Church, born from Christ and assisted by the Holy Spirit, to promote an interpretative pluralism that has already caused obvious damage in the atomization of Protestant groups and in so many theological errors of the past and Present.

The Gospel is not a book like any document of the ancient period. For believers, The Bible arises from God and is legitimately interpreted by the Church.

Any vision of relativistic type separates the word of God from its origin and leaves it in the hands of a suffocating subjectivism, knowing that the contemporary relativist will be consorted by more "modernized" relativists in the next few years.

St Paul taught the first believers: "I marvel at abandoning the one who called you by the grace of Christ, you will move so soon to another gospel not that there is another one, but that there are some who disturb you and want to distort the Gospel of Christ. . But even if we or an angel from Heaven will announce to you a gospel other than that which we have announced to you, be anathema! As we have said, I also now repeat it: if anyone announces to you a gospel other than that which you have received, be anathema! " (Ga 1.6 9).

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