In God we find the true source

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

The spring has a unique beauty, which corresponds to a clean, fresh, and promising start.

The spring holds a stream of water. With more or less force, it advances between rocks and forests, descends into the valleys, in search of the sea.

The springs speak of simplicity, transparency, purity, and life. They encourage the existence of those who depend on their strength and riches.

In the spirit world there are springs that generate hope, renew love, and keep alive the faith.

They are springs that feed hearts, that lay down deceptive ideas, that elevate minds to the memory of origins and propel them towards the eternal goal.

In God we find the true source. His Love spreads as a current that regenerates, forgives, and strengthens.

"If any man thirst, come unto me, and drink he that believes in me, as Scripture says: rivers of living water shall flow from his sine" (Jn 7:37 38; cf. Jn 4).

"On the banks of the torrent, on both sides, will grow all kinds of fruit trees whose foliage will not wither and whose fruits will not run out: they will produce new fruits every month, because this water comes from the sanctuary. Its fruits will serve as food, and its leaves of medicine" (Ez 47:12 13).

In a world clouded and obscured by so many deceptive ideas, selfish passions, and greed, we need to open ourselves to the springs of the spirit, to the waters that offer true life.

After the long days of winter, a spring has begun to sprout in the heights. New water comes out of the earth because it came from Heaven before. This water symbolizes the life and cleanse sins and to make us God’s children.

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