Surrounded by Doubts
We don't like doubts, because they cause a lack of clarity.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We doubt many things: the quality of a mobile phone, the news about an athlete's future contract, the credibility of the forecast on the weather for tomorrow, the strength or weakness of a country's currency.

We doubt people. From the honesty of a politician, the sincerity of a "friend", the willpower of a family member when it comes to fulfilling his last promise, or the competence of the doctor who ensures that everything will be done with that operation.

We live surrounded by doubts of little importance that concern us.

Of some doubts we can get out more or less easily. Simply phone, check "official" websites, open a well-made book.

Other doubts go on for longer. Was the head of labor sincere when he claimed that there would be no layoffs at the company this year?

We don't like doubts, because they cause a lack of clarity. Without clarity, the will does not know which option is best. Without decisions, there is a danger of paralysis. And if there is paralysis, time does not forgive: we can lose one or several days because we do not take an important resolution in time.

We don't like them either because sometimes doubts drag us to make the wrong choices. Therefore, in the midst of the confusions and doubts of life, before news today confirmed and tomorrow debunked, we long for light, certain clues, aids and words that discard the wrong, that overcome the dark and that bring us closer to the truth.

Not only do we want help, but we also want to give a hand to others. We will be able to do so to the extent that we walk wisely and avoid hasty choices. Above all, if we learn to look, seriously, how and with whom to move forward, even if it is only a few centimeters, outside the siege of doubts and closer to the horizon of truth.

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