YouCat: faith explained to young people
"YouCat" has been prepared under the guidance of the Cardinal-Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn, and will be distributed in fourteen languages.

--Not only the cultures of the peoples are different, but also within each society, but there are also diverse "continents": the worker has a diverse mentality of that of the peasant, and a diverse physicist of the one philologist. A businessman diverse of what a journalist has and a young man of what an old man has". Words of Benedict XVI prepared for the preface of "YouCat". What is "YouCat"?

The acronym "YouCat" does not thrill a new video channel on the Internet. Is "Youth-catechism": a special subsidy to the Catechism of the Catholic Church prepared for young people, given the World Youth Day next August in Madrid, Spain. A kind of "catechism" for young people: with their language, with current images and answers to their questions about faith.

-YouCat- is born before a very particular observation, as evidenced by Benedict XVI in the preface (cf. L´Osservatore Romano, 03.02.2011): -In the World Youth Days (Rome, Toronto, Cologne, Sydney) young people from all over the world have been found who they want to believe, that they are in the search for God, that they love Christ and want common ways. In this context, we wonder if we should not seek to translate the Catechism of the Catholic Church in the language of young people and penetrate their words in the world (...) Young people want to know what life is really about. A criminal novel is captivating. It involves people in the plot because it could be ours too. This book – the catechism– is captivating because it tells us about our destiny and that is why it treats each one of us closely.
And from there is born the invitation that the Pope directs to the young people who will read "YouCat": -study the catechism with passion and perseverance! Sacrifice your time for it! study in the silence of your chamber, read in two. If you are friends, form groups and networks of study, exchange ideas on the Internet (...) they must know their faith with the same precision that a computer specialist knows the operating system of a computer. You must know it as a musician knows the piece to be interpreted; yes, they must be deeply rooted in the faith of the generations of their fathers to be able to resist with strength and determination the challenges and temptations of their time".

In the preface of "YouCat", the Pope offers completely current and courageous advice: "They know everything in what way the community of the believers has been hurt, in recent times, of the attacks of evil, of the penetration of sin inside it, in the heart of the Church. Do not take this pretext to flee from the presence of God. You are the body of Christ, the Church! Bring the unbroken fire of his love in this Church whenever men darken their faces. "

YouCathas been prepared under the guidance of the Cardinal-Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn, and is distributed in fourteen languages.

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