A thermometer that measures trust in God
If you trust God, you are not discouraged by sinning; If you get discouraged, you don’t trust…

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Trusting in God is one of the most beautiful ways of living, something that is possible when we meditate and remember the many benefits we receive continually from the Father.

There are various ways to measure the level of our trust in God. One is extremely simple and very easy to apply. 

It is found in the book titled "Spiritual Combat", written by Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli (1530-1610).

In chapter 4, Fr. Scupoli explains how to recognize whether we have already learned to distrust ourselves and trust God completely. 

"If he who distrusts much of himself and trusts a great deal in God commits some fault, he does not marvel, or be disturbed or saddened, knowing that his downfall is the natural effect of his weakness, and of the little care he has had of establishing his trust in God.”

That's how simple This thermometer is: if you trust God, you don't get discouraged by sinning; If you get discouraged, you don't trust... 

Because when one is aware of his weakness, when he stumbles and falls, he finds it again and then reinforces his trust in God.

The P. Scupoli followed his text with this reflection: He who has fallen, "with this experience learns to distrust more of his forces, and to trust more humbly in God, detesting all things his fault, and the disordered passions that caused it; And with a quiet and peaceful sorrow of God's offense, he returns to his exercises, and pursues his enemies with greater encouragement and resolution than before. “

That easy? It costs because it hurts to recognize their faults and sins, especially if one has initiated a spiritual path and for some time has been able to progress something. 

But humility opens our hearts to trust. The God who has forgiven us so many times in the past will forgive us now because His Love and His mercy are eternal, as many passages of the Bible indicate.

So there is a simple thermometer to measure my trust in God: to observe how I react to my weaknesses. 

That thermometer, put in the hands of Christ, will help me overcome harmful sadness and to promote in my heart a path of hope that allows me to leave me confidently in my Father God.

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