After the names of a list
Let´s ask God, for all those people who have stayed on forgotten lists.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

It is Good, occasionally, to go through the list of names in the middle of emails, WhatsApp, and contacts. Because sometimes some names are far behind and there is a danger of oblivion. 

Behind Many names we remember a meeting, a story, maybe some problem, we hope that many joys and good memories.

Other names have begun to be buried in the dust of oblivion. Who are you? How did I meet them? Will You remember me? Were there any issues Left in the past with these people? 

The names pass before our eyes. Sometimes some photographs make it easier To remember, maybe bring new news. That friendly person, he already has a new son!

If the list is short, we will soon have completed the name review. If It is long, there is some disappointment: it does not seem easy to maintain a fresh and cordial contact with so many people. 

Some, as we perceive it internally, need to be rescued from their last posts on the list. There Was a long time ago a beautiful relationship that today I will seek to reactivate with a greeting message.

Sometimes the "contact" is no longer active. He Probably changed his mail or started using a new phone. It is Not possible to easily relocate that person. 

The list is still there, before my eyes. Surely Some of you hardly remember me. Others would be glad if receive a greeting from me. All, distant or close, alive or dead, will appreciate a sincere prayer.

To God, who has created us, who has allowed us the joy of a meeting, I ask for those people who are behind the names of a list. And so many others who, without a list, have also come in one way or another to touch and enrich the path of my life…

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