"Sor Youtube" awakes hundreds of vocations online
A homemade video in which the religious Dominican Sor Puri, has allowed thousands of young people to question about the vocation to the religious life and that some 250 women decide to enter a convent.

A home video in which the religious Dominican Sor Puri, to whom the Spanish press put the nickname of "Sor Youtube", has allowed thousands of young people to question about the vocation to the religious life and that some 250 women decide to enter a convent.

The story goes back to 2007 when the Spanish Antonio González went to visit his aunt Puri at the monastery of Santo Domingo el Real de Segovia (Spain). The religious, worried about the crisis of vocations, asked for help and the young man decided to record it on video explaining how he fell in love with God and found his vocation. The video posted on exceeds 1,000,000 visits.

Antonio is also the creator of the Revaloria Association. Org,  a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to creating web sites for the past three years to spread Christian values through the network.
His work allows him to know that every month Google records about three thousand searches for the phrase "being a nun" on the internet. "Today a girl who wants to be a nun, instead of doing the most normal thing is to ask a friend, or a nun, what it does is search the Internet", explains Antonio.

From the website, the Dominicans administer a blog through which they transmit to the world what is lived within the monasteries. Through this page, since the year 2010, they received orders from 250 women from all over the world to enter a convent.
Sor Puri -who is a consultant- responded to orders and now these women are distributed by various religious institutes both in Spain and Latin America.

On the website, the nuns explain what the journey to the consecration is, and invite you to spend a season at the inn to learn more about your life. "If you want to continue you can experience community life, why not during your holiday? So if you grow your wish for God, if you are attracted to this life, you may try to enter the monastery. "
The first stage lasts between six and twelve months, it is called postulate, is the season in which one looks and begins to deepen the desire. "Do you want to go on? Then begins the religious consecration. They will follow stages of progressive commitment -novitiate, temporary profession- until the solemn profession in which you dare to give God your life, in splendid freedom without knowing where it will lead you with love", they explain.

The sisters remember that at each stage, the young women have the initiative, and "The community answers you if you agree, voting. Those years are an immersion in the monastic life that will allow you to deepen your thirst for God, to discover the order and our community".

Antonio also created a support website for young men with priestly concerns in
There is possible to know different testimonies that explain the way of several young people towards their vocation, in addition to finding advice to contact the nearest seminary and to answer "to that vocation that they feel in their hearts", concludes Antonio.

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