As far as possible
The important thing, then, is to choose correctly.

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The impossible is beyond the reach of human choices. The possible, instead, appears before us as something workable. 

How to explain the possible? As that which can begin to exist (if it does not yet exist) or to be otherwise (if already exists). 

It is possible, for example, to save money and improve traffic in a city if one uses less the car and more the bus or the subway.

It Is possible to have the room clean if you spend less time on the internet and put the means to remove dust, stains, and cobwebs. 

It Is possible to improve relations with a family member or a co-worker if we reflect before speaking to choose appropriate words and accompanied by affection.

It Is possible to die in peace with God and with others if we overcome negative attitudes of hatred, selfishness, evil. A possible that can lead to a wonderful result: heaven. 

Of course, the list of examples also shows the negatives: it is possible to say hurtful nonsense to a person who generates a process of mistrust and tensions.

The list of possible actions and results is long. So Much so that, sometimes, when we realize that there are many possibilities, we do not know which ones to choose first, which to postpone, and which to exclude with firmness. 

Life continues its march, inexorably. Time doesn't stop. In every moment we choose, among as many possible ones. According to the options, there is less time for other possibilities.

The important thing, then, is to choose correctly. Not according to tastes, unhealthy pressures, fears, or shady interests. It only has value what is chosen from Love and love.

I look back at that near or distant future that depends, in large part, on my choices. I ask God and counsel to help prudent people to choose possible valuables. 

The world (near or far: some options come to where we can not even imagine) will improve a little and open to meet, definitive, with the God who waits for his children behind the border of death.

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