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​It is not burdensome the correction that is made from love.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

There are offenses that arise between smiles or accompanied by looks of rage, or from a mysterious tone of irony, or by the surprise of whom we least expected. 

The reaction to the same varies greatly. Sometimes they hurt because they come at a bad time. Other times coming from who we thought was a friend. Others, because they touch a delicate point of our past.

For example, for those who fight against their dependence on beer, receiving from a relative a bitter irony on the subject can cause profound pain, especially when suffering tremendously because of their situation. 

Other times, offenses don't make such a dent. As San Doroteo of Gaza explained, an aggressive word from someone who is not important to one often does not cause serious damage.

The important thing, when an offense comes, clad in jest, insult, antipathy, or low blow, is to recognize that one is not less because they insult him, nor is it more because they praise him, as remembered by Tomás de Kempis. 

We are what we are before God, added that writer. And before God, We certainly have many things to improve. But if he asks us and reminds us, it's because he loves us.

So when we let ourselves be corrected by God, which indicates what our faults are, we feel immense joy: It is worth that He himself points out our shortcomings and leads us to conversion. 

As the letter to the Hebrews teaches: "For whom the Lord loves, he corrects him; And he whips all the children he hosts. You suffer for correction. As children God treats you, and what son is there to whom his father does not correct? " (Hb 12.6 7)

It does not offend who draws attention with affection. It will Not be burdensome the correction that comes from love. There are no bitter tears when someone helps us to improve our lives with the tenderness of sincere affection. 

The other offenses, those that come from hearts that seem to enjoy our pain, we will leave them aside. There are thousands of important things in which to invest our hearts and our time.

It will suffice with some patience, sincere forgiveness, and trust in God so that soon we overcome the damage that certain offenses may have done to us. And what happened can be a reason to take better care of our words about others so as not to offend them and to encourage them on the way to love.

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