Psychopharmaceuticals and Philosophy
In what way? In a short way, several philosophical dimensions could be indicated which are directly related to the production and use of substances.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

As in other human spheres, philosophy promotes ways of reflection for subjects as specific as those relating to psychopharmaceuticals. 

In what way? Presently, several philosophical dimensions could be indicated which are directly related to the production and use of these substances.

First, philosophy evidence common questions to all human technical tasks. What are you looking for? In what sense do human existence and the balances of the planet improve or worsen? What validity and ethical correctness do the research and production processes of certain chemicals have?

The second series of questions allude directly to the recipient: the human being. What will this formula be used For, this product? Does it Help to heal, it serves to empower, it implies a danger that harms human dignity? Does it Promote maturity or lead to loss of freedom, conscience, responsibility? 

The third group of questions goes more deeply into what is human beings own. How is the person who is recommended or prescribed psychopharmaceuticals seen? Is It just a casual product of an evolutionary process? Do you Have a spiritual soul or are you completely lacking in "superior" activities?

The fourth group of questions looks at the obligations of those who recommend or prescribe psychotropic drugs. Is It a matter of making it easier to deal with someone who has a difficult character or is part of a cure that will help the "patient" better assume his or her human tasks? Are cures imposed as orders with a legal weight or are they simply options that are then freely assumed, and in what cases can they act in one way or another?

The list of questions could be a lot longer. At the bottom of them is the desire to deepen to what extent the existence of a human being, with their difficulties, crises, hopes, fears, would need, to improve, use substances that act on their nervous system or their organism in general, and to what extent It would be good to avoid such substances to undertake a different path, from the capacities that each possesses in itself.

Philosophy can contribute, with questions like these and similar, to give light when it comes to producing and using substances that alter the ways of thinking and behaving of people.

In this way, a healthy effort will be possible aimed at avoiding actions that depersonalize those who consume certain drugs and to promote other interventions that serve, in the utmost respect for human dignity, to the improvement of those who suffer from situations and More or less serious problems in your mind and in your behaviors.

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