To achieve good therapies
To achieve good therapies, you have to make good diagnoses and studies in all areas.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

A disease shows a series of more or less definable symptoms that indicate how things are going. Also, various diseases have causes that, once identified, can help prevent.

A problem arises when it is attributed as a cause of a disease something that is not the cause. This problem prevents the development of good preventive strategies, and, in extreme cases, allows the disease to spread more and more.

What is good for the health field can be applied to other areas, whether on a personal level or at a social level. If, for example, it is indicated that the causes of corruption are one when in fact they are others, there will surely not be adequate measures, and corruption will remain to stand, or even increase.

That is why it is essential when analyzing any kind of evil, physical, psychic, ethical, social, to identify well the causes that promote it, as well as other factors that make it more harmful or that also allow reducing its negative effects.

Only through well-carried analysis, earnestly, frankly, courageously, will it be possible to overcome prejudices or fears that promote the spread of diseases and bad behaviors. 

Then, from these analyses, it will be possible to apply concrete interventions to avoid new contagions, to properly care for the sick (in the body or the soul), even to cure where this is possible.

To achieve good therapies, in short, good diagnoses and studies must be carried out in all areas. It is not easy there where some are afraid of the truth or prefer the politics of the ostrich. 

But it will be beneficial when, with serenity and good spirit, the minds are opened to see the true causes of so many evils that affect human existence in its various dimensions, and then adopt concrete and effective strategies against such causes.

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