The lives of those who love
How is the life of the men and women who seek to live to love?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

How is the life of the men and women who seek to live to love? What characterizes the baptized who have been reached by the Love of Christ and therefore begin to love? 

It is a life that has reached its goal, which manages to make the earth heaven because it already experiences on Earth what will happen in heaven: to be fully loved and to love.

It Is a life that puts peace where there is war, that puts hope where there is sadness, that puts bandages where there are wounds, that puts smiles where there is hardness, that puts love where there is no love (as taught San Juan de la Cruz). 

It is a centered life: the greatest realization is to find the love of your soul. He Who loves is in the center of the world because he has put his roots in God.

It Is a Divine Life: The love of the Father who is given completely to the Son becomes a reality in the Christian who lives from Love and love. 

It is a missionary life. It was remembered by Saint John Paul II with a great medieval text that speaks of love as the norm of all existence.

"Love, which is and remains the strength of the mission, and is also ' the only criterion according to which everything must be done and not done, changed and not changed. It Is The principle that must direct all action and the end to which it must tend. Acting with charity or inspired by charity, nothing is disagreeable and everything is good ' "(Redemptoris Missio 60; quoting ISAAC from Stella, Sermon 31, PL 194.1793).

Lord, Love is not bought with all the gold in the world. Help Me to Love, teach Me to love, let him know how to ignite in the world a great bonfire of love, as was the constant dream of St. Catherine of Siena, of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus and so many saints.

May he is not able to live in peace while some do not love you, and therefore do not know how to fully love his brethren. May my greatest joy Be to let me Love, to love, and to help others to let love for you.

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