I do not believe in the Church but in Jesus...
The true Christian submits the way of interpreting and doing things to the supreme truth that is Christ.

For me not believing in the Church does not mean that you follow Jesus half-heartedly. Moreover, I believe that if Jesus were to come down again to earth, he would throw all the Churches down and create them again. For not believing in the church does not mean that you stop believing in God. I try to keep to the maximum the steps of my creator.

Dear friend: god bless you
Your first two words: "For me", condition your faith. The true Christian has submitted his way of interpreting and doing things to the supreme truth that is Christ. Not a faith as it seems to us, which would be to fall into what Benedict XVI has called the "tyranny of relativism."
How Do you know you follow the footsteps of your creator? How do you know that you follow the footsteps of your creator? Remember that many wanted to make Jesus king, but the next day, when He taught them to eat His Body and drink His Blood, they left him because they thought he was crazy Cf. John 6. They wanted Jesus in their way.

St. Paul, however, is consistent with his faith when he says:

"For me, life is Christ, and death, a gain"- Philippians 1, 21.

He does not submit Christ to his taste but he submits his life to Christ. This same coherence leads St. Paul to give his life to Christ by serving the Church. You could not understand the letters of St. Paul If you deleted your teaching about being a Church in Christ. Of course, Paul knew of the sins of the members of the Church. In his letters he frequently confronts them. But he also knew that in the Church founded by Christ the children of God are forgiven, they are fed with the same Christ in the Eucharist, they are taught in the Truth and protected from the evil one. In the letters of St. Paul the word "Church" or "churches" appears 54 times (94 times). Paul continually manifests his adherence, love, and care for the Church to which he recognizes as the Body of Christ.
Now I am happy for the sufferings that I endure for you, and I complete in my flesh what is lacking in the tribulations of Christ, in favor of his Body, which is the Church -Colossians 1.24

Paul's letters are addressed to the churches or the pastors of the churches, all of the members of the one Church of Jesus Christ. For he does not have Christ but a Body and a Bride.
St. Paul had also persecuted the Church but repented deeply and recognized that the Church is of God.

I am the Last of the Apostles: unworthy of the name of the apostle, for having persecuted the Church of God. - I Corinthians 15, 9

Is it then that the true Church ceased to exist? Impossible, because Jesus came to save men from all generations until the end of time. We have the promise of Jesus:

And I say to you that you are Peter, and on this stone, I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. - Matthew 16, 18

Jesus warned that there would be scandals in the Church and was very severe about it. Why? Did he reject the Church? On the contrary! He died for it. Jesus defends the Church from those who want to talk because in it we receive His life and Salvation. That is why he rebukes those who scandalize them because they cause many to walk away from it and get lost.
If you told me that Jesus wants to renew his Church, we would agree. The Church always needs renewal. But it is not renewed by throwing it on the ground and creating something new. What Jesus did can not be changed. One can not change in the Church its doctrine or its nature since they are of Christ. The true renewal is that proposed by John Paul II and now Benedict XVI with a New Evangelization. It is men who need to renew in the Church. The saints are the true renovators of the Church because they nourish themselves on it and gratefully give it the fruits of grace. They manifest the power of Christ operating in his Church.
St. Paul does the same as Christ. In his letters, he frequently confronts the sin of the members of the Church so that the grace that God gives us in it is not hindered. Paul is always faithful to his mission as a pastor in the Church, loving her and, like Jesus, giving his life for her.
Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for it, to sanctify it, purifying it through the bath of the water, by the word, and present resplendent himself. Without stain or wrinkle or similar thing, but it is holy and immaculate. - Ephesians 5, 25-27
If we love Christ we can only love the Church and obey it in everything, He is its head and speaks to us through its shepherds (Cf. Lc 10, 16)
Under his feet, he subdued all things and constituted the supreme Head of the Church-Ephesians 1, 22
So that the multiform wisdom of God is now manifested to the principalities and powers in heaven, through the Church-Ephesians 3, 10
To him the glory in the Church and Christ Jesus for all generations and all times. Amen. -Ephesians 3, 21
Don't get out of the Church. Getting out is tempting, it's popular, it's easy to justify, but it's not the will of Christ. Those who remain faithful receive the power of God to overcome the trials and manifest the glory of God.

To such an extent that we exult in the Churches of God for tenacity and faith in all the persecutions and tribulations that are going on. -II Thessalonians 1, 4
The one who has ears, hear what the Spirit says to the Churches. -Revelation 3, 22
In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Priest Jordi Rivero

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