Dating Fundamentalism
Custodian Church Messages

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Among the many aspects of fundamentalism, there is one that appears with some frequency: to take quotations from various documents, to isolate them, and to give them a concrete relief according to particular interests.

It happens in a particular way about the Bible. They take verses or chapters from one part, another, another, and in the results in a sect that defends slavery, or divorce, or even drug use…

It also Happens with the Councils. Just think of the many documents of Vatican Council II and see how some parts are selected and almost systematically forgotten others, according to the tastes and desires of people or groups that support certain reforms.

The true Catholic reading of the Bible, of the Councils and any other text or document of importance, is to respect their unity and harmony with the whole of the faith.

Moreover, as the Popes have recalled especially in the last decades, a document of a Council finds its genuine interpretation under the guidance of the Bishop of Rome and the bishops who, together with the Successor of Peter and each other, walk on the horizon of fidelity to the Re Vigil.

In a world where haste hinders the serene and complete reading of the texts, or where groups of pressure manipulate, from quotations taken from context, the biblical message or the teachings of the Councils, it is worth a greater effort to read the texts from the faithful Catholic and under the guidance of the Magisterium.

Only in this way will we avoid forms of fundamentalism and manipulation that do so much damage, and we will be able to respect the message of salvation contained in Scripture and Tradition; A message that is guarded by those who, as the Successors of Peter and the Apostles, have a wonderful and demanding task for the good of the Church and the whole world.

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