The poison of the division
The poison of division comes in many ways, for many causes, in many areas.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Some husbands argue. Subjects treated over and over again, strong words, anger. At the end of the day, between their hearts has increased the separation to levels never before reached. 

A neighborhood organizes its annual festivities. There is no agreement on the events, nor on the tour of a caravan, nor on the musical group that could be invited. In the end, the neighborhood ends with an unbearable division.

Elections are held amid a special economic crisis. The moods, hot, are reflected in the Office, in the workshop, in the bar, in the homes. After the results, discussions, and endless discussions.

The Poison of division comes in many ways, for many reasons, in many areas. It Does Not always have the same gravity, as there are divisions on minor issues and with minimal repercussions. But almost always divisions cause wounds.

The question arises naturally: what was the cause of this division? Was It an argument that "deserved" it? Can It Be overcome? Has He left heart damage?

It is not easy to answer, but it is worth looking for causes and conditions that have led to this or that division, to confront them in their roots.

Some causes arise from the complexity of certain topics. Others, from the different ways of thinking and feeling. Others, simply from misunderstandings mixed with that continual human tendency that encourages them to impose themselves upon others. 

From The search for the causes can be thought of the solutions, either at the preventive level (vaccines or antidotes, if it were possible to apply them to the hearts), be at the curative level, when the cries have wounded the relations between human beings.

The venom of divisions has penetrated human existence from its origins and is still present among us today. The good things we do to avoid their damage, to cure their effects, will be welcome. 

Because, by many and serious divisions, all human beings share the same origin in the love of God, and we are called to a meeting, definitive, with that God Love.

Perhaps remembering our beginning and our goal is a good antidote to many divisions and, above all, it serves as a stimulus to promote that unity and harmony that both beautify the lives of people and peoples.

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