Do you have a vocation?
You have to be the one to discover it.

The vocation you have, as we all have but which one? I'm not the one who can tell you; you have to be the one to find out.

The first thing you have to do is take your Christian faith seriously. You believe in Jesus. Do you talk to Him and listen to Him? Let yourself be if you like it or not, be a priest or a nun or a marriage; it is not a matter of taste, but answers to the desires of Jesus over you. There's the key point.

Do you want me to tell you something personal that happened to me in my vocational process? I liked girls in my youth as all young people; being in the seminary and trying to respond to the call of the Lord does not nullify the feeling of attraction for the young. So, between two things that can attract you, marriage, or consecration to God, you have to choose what God wants for each one.

So when I was 18 years old I had a very serious illness and the doctor told my mother that I would leave the seminar because I could not follow the studies, I was happy inside because I could get married. A few months later, the doctor told me that if I wanted to continue in the seminar, I could enroll because my illness followed a very favorable course. And although my parents told me to choose, and if I chose to leave the seminar, I could study any other career, it never crossed my mind to tell Jesus that I was going back, never. I felt called by Jesus and did not leave him for anything in the world.

I speak to you in all sincerity. Look, happiness does not give it anything in the world; just love. Do you know what it's like to feel about you all the love of Jesus and pour over Him all yours? Have you experienced hearing him tell you often: thank you? And have you also experienced that while working for Him, to have the satisfaction and joy of feeling upon you the complacent gaze of Jesus?

And I ask you again do you have a vocation? Not to do what you like but to be what Jesus wants you to be and do what he likes you to do. That's where the sense of vocation goes.

Soon I will tell you about the different vocations; among them, also of the vocation to the marriage which, of course, it is, but also as in the other Christian vocations is the righteousness of intention. The marriage can go for different reasons, as well as the priesthood or the consecration. If you go to the marriage because she is very pretty or very rich, or because he is very intelligent or very sympathetic, I get the impression that this is not to have a vocation to Christian marriage.

If, on the contrary, you want to love the husband or wife as Christ loves his Church and you are looking for your half-orange in someone who lives his faith seriously and thinking about creating and forming a Christian family, willing both to make your future home a home similar of the Nazareth, we could talk about the vocation to marriage as a Christian vocation in the style of consecrated vocations.

In conclusion, I recommend that you listen to Jesus in your prayer and think about what he wants from you. I remind you that, apart from your righteousness of intent, it is a sign of a vocation to have some inclination and, of course, also availability. 

Watch carefully how your soul responds before the signs of the times: to the misery, to the loss of values of the society, to the family disintegration, to the war... what moves you? God speaks to you from within, listen to him!

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