Do you have a sincere life plan?
The agendas seem to dominate everything: time, family, programs, interests. But is that really all?

Our plans come to life if they are written on that piece of paper with calendars that we take everywhere or in that corner of the cell from which alerts are continuously triggered. You run from meeting to meeting, and when you get out of work you continue to a marathon in the supermarket, with child activities, in the gym, or who knows what extra occupation.

But how many times have you been creative in designing your week and booking an hour to attend mass, praying the Rosary, or just going to visit that friend who is a little sad and needs good company? Christians know that following Jesus implies joining him in everything we do but that, without fuel, without large doses of thrust, everything is done quite uphill.

Recharging batteries

Where to find the strength, the desire to overcome, to be better, to achieve a full life in everything we do? The big secret is much closer than you can imagine.  It is in the Holy Mass and in the sacraments where you will find the true meaning of your chores and obligations, and your whole life will be dyed of a transcendence that allows you to see clearly what matters.

What's in the mass you can't miss? There hides something too valuable, and reserved for those who trust: time. By attending the celebration of the Eucharist, the main gift that God gives you is himself, with his very ears and his pure heart. Upon receiving it in the consecrated host, it begins within the heart a very strong and unique communion between creator and creature. In this space, God puts himself at our disposal to open your soul to you. What's not as good as you want? What do you need help with? How to solve this or that problem? What will you thank him for?

The benefits of prayer

If you can dedicate a time of daily prayer to talk with Jesus, to have a sincere and personal dialogue, you will see how from here you'll get the strength to face every day and the answer to so many questions. "It is advisable for him to grow up and to reduce me," said St. John the Baptist and this is the attitude to start your friendship with God. Start by telling your concerns, your desires and aspirations, your doubts and uncertainties, and befriend the silence that is where Jesus speaks to the heart. And you will slowly feel that it is He who has been trying to get into your soul for a long time and whisper those words of encouragement that will make you rise again.

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