Give and receive advice
Advising is one of the most beautiful human activities

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We give advice when we think we can help another. We ask and receive advice when we notice the need for more light before making certain decisions. 

Advice is one of the most beautiful human activities. It shows that we live in mutual dependence, and it gives a channel to this rich desire that we share what we think can serve others.

It's Not always easy to find a good counselor. Sometimes we trust someone who looks like a connoisseur and then reveals his little competition when it comes to answering our questions. 

It's Not easy to give advice Either. Maybe because we do not feel ready, or because we are afraid to be wrong, or because the other does not call us, or simply to not get into trouble.

Despite the difficulties, millions of human beings ask and receive advice, while millions of others offer them. In this way, it shows rich solidarity in the search for knowledge that allows us to walk together towards the truth.

After the advice given and received, they certainly each assume their responsibilities. Never can a council become an excuse for dangerous action, as if it were all attributable to the Counselor. 

But with the risks inherent in all human activity, the history of each one, that of cities and even that of the whole nations, goes forward with counselors.

Counselors who, we hope, offer light and help before making decisions that can be key to the present life and our walk toward an eternal and definitive encounter with God.

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