Changes and permanence
In a world where everything seems to change and there is nothing stable…

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:


We are surprised by so many changes: in the climate, in the behaviors, in the ideas, in human history. 

Change prices, change colors, change health, change politicians ' promises (sometimes with an amazing speed…).

We should also be surprised by the permanence, the fact that there are phenomena that last and people who keep their word. 

Because It is not a fixed or certain that my friend will come to visit me tomorrow, even if he has promised. 

Nor is it discounted that the trains will follow the planned timetable or that some husbands will be faithful to their marriage promises to the death.

Therefore, in a world where it seems that everything changes and that there is nothing stable, the experience continually puts us before permanence that deserves to be the object of attention. 

That a stone follows where it was for years and years, of course, seems something discounting, although not even she has guarantees of permanence if we lengthen the gaze beyond the immediate time.

But It is not discounted that a man or a woman faithfully follows good promises and works one day, yes and another also to help a sick family member or to bring food and education to their children. 

The permanence is, in short, one of the most surprising phenomena that surround us, because the changes, in the background, also aspire to obtain it.

If, moreover, we look up, we will discover that there is a more important permanence of all the continual cosmic becoming: that of the eternal love of God who seeks and expects the good of each of his children...

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