What to ask the religions
Before any religion, there are two questions that cannot be left aside.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Various voices call for and demand a greater presence of young people, or women, or minorities, or pluralism, in the religions of our time. 

In making claims of this kind, it is assumed that religions are like human associations subjected to the fashions and pressures of each group.

However, in the face of any religion, two questions cannot be left aside, and which allow attention to be focused on the essentials. 

The first question: Is this religion true? Their origin, their doctrine, their promises, their rites, do they offer valid answers to human existence and their most decisive desires?

The Second: If a religion shows itself as true, are we willing to welcome it fully, as it is, without adulterating it or submitting it to passing tastes or tendencies?

The two questions are closely linked together. Because only if a religion shows that it truly deserves to be accepted fully and responsibly, without "sifting" it according to personal or group preferences. 

Discussing Other aspects, asking for changes to religions without addressing the center of these questions, is like getting lost in contingent and transient without focusing on the core of the religious issue.

In a world where many lives according to phrases made or from spontaneous sociological tendencies or promoted from above, to confront these questions prepares the minds and the hearts to important decisions. 

Because human life, wounded by so many evils of the body and soul, continually seeks paths that offer hope and, above all, complete salvation in the face of the two greatest evils: sin and death.

For Those who write these lines, as for so many millions of human beings of the past and the present, only one religion offers satisfactory answers: that of the Catholic Church, founded by Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary, Savior of the world, incarnated access to the Mercy of the Father of heaven.

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