Truths and Lies
Do we distinguish between wheat and tares?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

One of the most insidious ways of talking, writing, producing cinema or any other way of transmitting messages is to mix truths with lies, sometimes with a good dose of artistic beauty and technical expertise. 

Let us Think, for example, of a film where we talk about eternal life and the beauty of the Family union, in a mixture where the arguments are so well locked that it is not easy to separate the right from the deceitful.

The spectator who has good critical sense will know how to distinguish between the imaginary and the real, between the valid and the wrong, between the positive messages and the deceits that lead to manipulations. 

On the other hand, it will not be easy for many to distinguish between wheat and tares, between what is profitable and what harms them, between allowing to improve one's life and what generates misleading opinions.

Therefore, those who consciously, or perhaps because they are confused, mixing the real with the false, especially if they do it with good publicity or in an attractive way, they have a very large responsibility and can harm not few people.

In ancient times, Plato had already interviewed this danger by denouncing famous literary pages in his time but damaging by his way of dealing with very serious subjects, such as the way of being of the gods or about what happens after death. 

In certain eras of history, precisely to avoid the dangers of those who wrote or represented the issues confusingly or misleadingly, censorship was promoted. Today It is very bad, although it still lives in many countries, especially in the face of issues such as racial hatred or incitement to violence.

Recognizing the danger of those who write or compose literary, musical or other works where the confusion is an important ingredient of the plot will allow not only to separate the right from the wrong but also to prevent the poison that not a few ingest, without be given, through this kind of works. 

At the same time, a healthy society will promote those productions that help to easily distinguish between the good and the bad, the just and the unfair, the good and the evil, the truth and the lie, and that stimulate to appreciate what is worth and to condemn what it harms.

It will be easier to dispose of the tares and choose the wheat; A wheat that, thank God, is much more abundant than we imagined and deserves to be disseminated with good writers, screenwriters, and producers in the different modes of communication of our time.

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