A thank God at the end of a stage
​The heart feels the duty to give thanks to God.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Life has its rhythms. With the weather, with the solar calendar, with the school programs, with the beginning of the end of a contract. 

At the end of a period, of an academic or working year, of a stage of one's own life, it is worthwhile to make a small balance. 

There Have been good times and bad times, opportunities and challenges, harvests and purchases in the market.

What have you mastered during this period? Each One, mentally, distinguishes between the positive and the negative, between the won and the lost. 

Beyond what a list may say, the heart feels the duty to give thanks to God.

Because These months have rained, the spikes have grown, the bees have worked, the almond trees have blossomed. 

Because This time there has been bread on the table, a little shared joy and time to talk about what unites families. 

Because Health, with its ups and downs, has allowed us to carry out projects and tasks, visits to friends and acquaintances, excursions and arrangements on the roof.

Because also these months God showed his patience to receive me after sin, to inspire me good works, to teach me to be patient with the neighbor. 

A jar of honey, during breakfast, reminds me of the enormous effort of thousands of bees during the months of flowers and crops.

When savoring it, I feel the tenderness of a Father who takes care of the goldfinches and the Jasmines, who sends rain on bad and good. 

Is A Father who invites us, through so many gestures, to think about heaven and to restart that road that leads us home. A path that drives us to love the brothers and to let ourselves love for the good God.

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