The joy of loving
Book that deals with the value of chastity and authentic love.

Love is the fundamental ingredient of human life. A life without love is an empty, meaningless life. God has created us for love and to love. The constitutive "material" of our deepest being is love. True love is the only one that gives us happiness. Now, there are many for whom talking about love means talking about carnal love, kissing and hugging. But the true love, the one that gives true happiness, is spiritual, that does not reside in the body but the soul.

A love, which does not necessarily have bodily manifestations, but which can be given; although sexual intimacy is only allowed to spouses.
In this book, we want to speak to the young and the not so young, to make them appreciate the chastity and the authentic love, which can also happen in the consecrated life. Consecrated chastity is possible. Authentic love is possible. But it is necessary to fight with boldness against so much impurity that surrounds us not to fall into so many sins that lurk us. Jesus will help us in this task with his grace, because it is possible to enjoy the joy of loving, with purity and chastity.



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