Bad processes, good processes.
Every free decision starts with new processes in the world.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Talking about processes implies recognizing the existence of different processes: some are bad, others are good. 

When does a bad process start? When you seek selfish goals when you use immoral methods when you forget respect for the innocent. 

The list of bad processes is huge. A technological conquest offers various uses. The process is underway. A bit of recklessness or a lot of selfishness is Enough for the process to harm thousands of people.

When does a good process start? When you use just and proper methods, and you look for goals that benefit you and others. 

There are many good processes, thank God. In simple and everyday: the educational process of parents who guide their child to love. Big and decisive: the process initiated by politicians seeking to eradicate abortion and help women who live a difficult pregnancy.

Every free decision starts with new processes in the world. Through these processes evil advances, if selfishness has triumphed in oneself, or good if love has become light for mind and decisions. 

The Present Tense, we know, is saturated with bad processes, some visible, others hidden, but all harmful to so many people, even for the same culprits who sink into injustice.

But also the world is furrowed by good processes. A young man helps an old man cross the street. A doctor visits tenderly to his sick. A policeman defends the life of an innocent. 

Are gestures that do not come out in the newspapers, but that start good processes. Processes that brighten the heart of God and allow the world to acquire a touch of beauty for the present and for what it expects the righteous in eternal life.

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