Open letter from a mother to her pregnant daughter by accident
Forgive me, parents also forget that children grow up and make their own decisions.

My dear girl:

Yesterday after we spoke, I was devastated. Forgive me, but the pain and anger were more. Where was I, did I never hear what you were telling me? So many reproaches, so much guilt for not having cared more, for not being more clear and honest with you. I assumed you already knew things, that everything was clear. For some reason, I thought you didn't need mom anymore.

It seems that I forgot that when passion presses and good friendships are absent, loneliness and temptation are great as much as you know of God and life. Maybe you thought everyone did it, that you were young and independent and you could do it all. Maybe you just wanted to live an adventure without measuring the consequences, as well as when you get on a roller coaster and after vertigo, you continue with your normal life. It was just a trip that you would soon return to.

You found the truth in the hardest way, you proved that all those stories and all those "options" of life that spoke to you bring consequences and very hard. Sex without love is a lie, of those that one prefers to believe because the reality is very difficult. It's naïve to think that you can control everything. And if it had not been a son, what if it had been an incurable disease? How I reproach myself for not having stood by your side!

Forgive me, parents also forget that children grow up and make their own decisions.

Don't think I'm judging you or I'm disappointed in you. I'm mad at the world and with that "live the moment" nonsense, "do with your body whatever you want." False, liars! I have fallen too...

I have dreamt of your children so many times, and believe me that I have seen you as the best of mothers, I know you will be, you are already being. I am proud of the decision you made and listening from your mouth that never crossed your mind to get rid of your son. But if it happened and you didn't tell me, I want you to know that I also understand, it's not easy the situation you live in. Talk to me, I won't leave you alone.

I would never have wanted you to go through such a difficult situation and for such deep pain. So many dreams and possibilities that are becoming diffuse today. Possibilities that disappear... But one more life that opens up! But suddenly you grew up and found yourself, unexpectedly, with what you have dreamed so much: a son.

I know that God's love never diminishes, and at this moment is what has given me strength. Is what leads me to try to see you not only with your mother's eyes hurt but with the eyes of Jesus and to be able to love you even more deeply. He's at your side more than ever. Hold on to his hand and don't lose hope. We are with you and together we will spend this moment sweetens with the arrival of that child, your son, our grandson. We'll see how your body will change, as the belly will grow and this little boy we'll talk and tell stories with which to dream.

Trust us, your parents. Trust that we will be by your side to help you in every moment since you are born until the moment you have to tell him how was conceived. We have never stopped loving you, we will never do it. I love You, unconditionally.


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