Fewer pictures symbol and more serious analysis.
It's about describing and analyzing complex realities.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

A child blindfolded and dragged by the soldiers. A politician who makes an incomprehensible grimace in a debate. A worker who cries after being fired. 

The photo symbol draws attention. Arouse emotion. They Represent important situations of the past or the present. 

However, a photo symbol can never describe complex realities or central moments in the lives of people and peoples.

Therefore, before copying and disseminating symbol photos continuously, we need to find and disseminate analyses that allow us to know the reality better. 

Only serious analyses, that know to see the multiple aspects of the human situations, allow to show better to the facts and to penetrate in the sorrows and joys of its protagonists.

Certainly, the symbol photos come more in-depth than well-articulated data lists. But These data make it possible to understand better causes and effects, and they help to recognize that many are affected by decisive events. 

It starts circulating on the Internet the photo of a policeman who cries among his companions. Behind that image is a history of conflicts promoted by ideological activists who take advantage of serious political mistakes.

This image, like so many others, will be of help if it makes us seek, with earnest, responsibilities of difficult situations, and concrete paths that allow building the coexistence from the justice and dialogues carried forward concerning the truth and in the search Sincere of the common good.

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