What has a remedy?
Before us, there are always horizons of hope, when God forgives the sins.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

A small wound has An easy remedy. Wash, disinfect, cover. Then wait for the time necessary for it to heal. 

Other wounds, or illnesses, have more complex remedies, better or worse. Sometimes there are signs that defeat will be inevitable: there are no remedies for everything…

In the field of personal life, what is the remedy and what has not? Mistakes in choosing a "friend", when starting a job, to follow bad advice... 

Some situations are hopeless. We can leave the unveiled as treacherous. We Can Change jobs (something sometimes very difficult). 

But other situations, are they remediable? What happens when one has been allowed to enslave for selfish pleasures, does not leave indelible traces?

By meeting people who are worn out as a result of wrong choices, or with dependencies that are difficult to eradicate, one perceives the overwhelming force of certain human ills. 

Some moments seem hopeless and definitive. Death, for example, closes so many doors in time and sets in full order what future life will be: it is hopeless…

They say that as long as there is life there will be hope, which is the same as saying that many situations, even sins, are hopeless, from repentance and openness to God. 

Life passes fast, between problems and evils in the body and the soul. Not everything is hopeless, but what can be cured deserves our attention and the best efforts.

Before us, there are always horizons of hope when God forgives the sins to whom he repents, and when a heart, purified, resumes the way of life with gratitude, humility, and more mature and sincere love.

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