Let's talk about sexuality, let's talk about ourselves
Talking about sexuality is much more than giving us permission to chat about pleasure, sexual activity and disease prevention.

Author: Myriam Mitrece de Ialorenzi Lic. In Psychology. Prof. In Teacher Education Sciences |

Talking about sexuality is much more than permitting us to chat about pleasure, sexual activity, and disease prevention. Is thinking about being a woman and being a man, about the richness of the difference that makes us be made for each other.

Did you think that many times you put your freedom above all else?
It's obvious, yes what you chose is configuring you! But that this does not make you forget that the most basic questions, which have formed you from very small have not been the product of your choice: did not choose to reach the world, did not choose to be part of your family, or have the parents you had, or live at this time, neither in this country nor being male or female. All this has been delivered to you as a gift, without asking. You are either denying it or accepting it and working every day to enrich it and improve it.

When we talk about sexuality, we talk about that aspect of your "precious gift": you're being sexed. Before the use of ultrasound was the doctor or nurse who first cried it's a boy! Or she's a girl! Because it is very clear and obvious that to the existence, we do not come in "unisex". We're men or women. There is no other possibility. Will you tell me it's a limit, of course! You know that you have never been, nor will be, nor can you be of the opposite sex. All your cells tell you and also tell each baby that is brewing with a "factory seal" XX or XY, except for exceptions where there is a genetic disease whose numbers are negligible concerning the rest of the births. But this limit also gives you the possibility of deploying yourself do you know another way to grow that is not accepting and improving what you have?

While you are the same person since you were conceived, you are not physically like the twelve years or express yourself as when you had two, or feel like six months. In the same way, your sexuality is developing and maturing over time through different moments: calm and calm, others more turbulent with greater risks. In short... how all your growth as a person!

And just because you're a person, the possibility of educating you is not alienated. Educating your sexuality is, among other things, work, to know you, to recognize you, to assume you, to possess you and to govern your sexual impulse. Work that nobody, nobody, nobody can do for you. Your sexuality is a basic component in your personality, a way of being, of manifesting yourself, of communicating with others, of thinking, of feeling, of expressing and of living human love.

Here is the great richness of your being sexed: the possibility of achieving full development, you can live reciprocity, finding and giving you. And I am not referring now, to the physical aspect of the sexual encounter but to all those encounters in which you do and will contribute to the exercise of your femininity or masculinity so that your daily fields become enriched. Sexuality "impregnates" your whole person and covers all the dimensions of the human: biological, psychological, social and spiritual, in their manifestations both internal and external. Therefore, to reduce it to the genitality or sexual activity is to remain with only one part, which without its frame, even loses its specificity and true meaning.

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