If I love my girlfriend, why can't I make love to her?
Expression of love in sexual relations.

Finally, the big question. "If sex is making love, and I love someone, why can't I express that affection by making love to that person"? Seems easy, doesn't it?

First of all, I want to make it clear that I do believe that teenagers can be deeply and truly in love.
But is sex out of wedlock a good way to express love? That's another question.
What is Love? Love, true love is much more than wanting what is best for the other person. It's worrying about your well being. Love is never putting the person we love at risk.

Let's talk about the risks, of any kind of risk that sex outside of marriage can entail.
Premarital sex is physically dangerous. It can lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases that have life-changing consequences for people and even fatal consequences. Premarital relations are the main cause of unwanted pregnancies in our country. Pregnancy is not a disease, but we have already spoken that it is not a good situation for a woman who is not married or ready to raise a child.

Tell me something, loving a woman is putting her at risk of pregnancy? With sex that's what happens no matter how much you try to "protect" it. Does loving someone put you at risk for a sexually transmitted disease?
But here's a more serious level yet. Body language. Sex says, "forever, committed, permanent, exclusive", and that's what the heart listens to. But in a relationship where there is no marriage, there is no such commitment. You're using body language as a lie, and that's not looking for good for the other person.

If you love your girlfriend, you'll look for what's best for her, you don't want any of these things to happen to her. You want to protect her physically and emotionally. "Making love with her is not the way to offer her that protection."
Many single people say to me: "I want to make love to my girlfriend (boyfriend) because it is the only way to show my love. They are in love, they love the other person and they want to express their love sexually.
I'm not questioning the love you have to each other, maybe your love is sincere and true. But when you express your love with sex, you have no idea what's going on. What does sex show? What are they willing to lie to each other, who are willing to put themselves at risk just to satisfy him for a moment?

If you want to prove something to the person you love, do something good for him or her, something non-selfish. Make him cookies, go into his house without noticing him and wash the car.
A man once told me that he entered the house of his fiancée while she slept, his parents let him in and stealthily put 80 helium balloons into his room, each had a note explaining the reasons why he was in love with her.
She woke up with those 80 balloons with their respective notes, that's "making love."

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