Towards the final stop
Everything we do from love wears beauty the present tense and prepares joys for heaven.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

In life, there are great and dark moments, good decisions and sins, faithful love and cowardice. 

Thanks to medicine we heal wounds and strengthen our body. With prayer and good advice, we orient the soul to True love.

Time runs without asking for permission. The days pass. The forces begin to give signs of weakness. The heart perceives impulses towards selfishness. 

The help of God we rise after a sin. The Sacrament of confession erases the guilt and returns the grace to the one who repents. 

With The help of doctors and other people we overcome diseases and fatigues of the body and resume the daily work.

Sometimes there is a disease that changes the whole picture, or old age begins to close possibilities in who until then was a volcano of initiatives. 

We know that this life is not the definitive fatherland. One Day we will have to say goodbye to the sun and friends, family and co-workers.

We're All on our way to the final stop. It Will Comes before, in deaths that we consider premature but that have its meaning in the heart of God. Or It will come later when the Grays and the pains turn into something ordinary. 

The Important thing is to stay on the road as long as God gives us strength and hope. Everything we do from Love wears beauty the present tense and prepares joys for heaven.

Now I only have these hours that pass fast. A call gives me the news of a friend's illness. I Run to look for him and thus feel, beside him, the breeze of the hug that waits for each one of us who are children of the same Father of the skies...

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