Celebrating the carnival without losing morality or dignity
We are encouraged by the Archbishop of Panama


The Archbishop of Panama, Monsignor José Domingo Ulloa, encouraged the faithful to celebrate the carnival without "losing morality, dignity", because "the party itself is not bad".

Speaking to TVN, the preside pointed out that "the bad is when we allow events or parties like this to make us lose morale, dignity as a human."

As they fell into these ills, he warned, "We damage the party", which traditionally takes place between the last days of January and the first of February until before Ash Wednesday.

"There are places where you can celebrate with family, healthy," he said.

"A party cannot make me lose control of my life in all respects," he reiterated.

The Archbishop also referred to lent that will begin on February 14, with Ash Wednesday, and stressed that in this time "fasting of evil is the best penance."

"Fasting from our tongue and fingers so that they don't share things without thinking and watering false information", he said.

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