Good, evil and King Midas
Thousands of good realities can be damaged if hearts seek their own benefit.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

A game between children. Laughter, fun, friendship. Little by little, the situation gets weird. Two children have made a secret pact to defeat another. Reproaches, waves of anger, cry. The game ends badly.


The discovery of a new substance in the laboratory. It seems to help a lot to cure diseases of the nervous system. Weeks Go by. You Fight for the patents, for the money. Even one day it is discovered that in a hospital someone uses that substance to kill the sick.

Electronic progress. Devices that perform millions of operations with insurmountable precision. Along with the achievements, thousands of viruses and cyber-attacks jeopardize the personal secrets or security of a State. 

The list could be very long. Thousands of good realities can be damaged if hearts seek their profit if they wish to seize them to harm others if they misuse what might be beneficial.

The History of King Midas illustrates this strange phenomenon. What had positive possibilities is "transformed": a misuse of an object or an ability leads to pain, to sin, to injustice, to death.

Why is this happening? At the heart of every human being, there is an ambivalence that sets it to good or evil, to generosity or to selfishness, to love or to hatred. 

As Little Kings Midas, according to the provisions that we adopt, an object will serve for use that ennobles or that degrades, that helps or that harms, that approaches to God or that leads to the slavery of the sin.

That's why we need a good inner exam to see what kind of attitudes orient our way of using things. I like the mythological king, everything I touch is transformed, I hope it is for the good. 

Then the legend can have a happy ending. If we take away ambition, if we destroy selfishness, then a skill, a treasure, a little money, and health, can lead to our inner little king Midas "touch" the realities to promote a world a little more good, fairer and more open to God and others.

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