The Problem of Thinking Wrong
Serious damage arises when someone thinks wrong.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Many mistakes arise not from a lack of thought, but from the way of thinking. Serious damage arises when someone thinks wrong.

When do you think wrong? When you accept the wrong premises because they are repeated by everyone without the slightest critical sense.

Or when another reflects in a hurry guided by feelings and passions that prevent data control more accurately.

It is also wrong when a person seeks triumph over the other at any cost.

The problem with incorrect thinking is that it generates absurd arguments, accumulated tensions, unfair contempt, and even verbal or physical aggression.

It is enough to look at the reactions of some alleged individual rights defenders towards those who raise doubts about weak or erroneous approaches.

With so many people who show a way of thinking full of prejudices we must not fall into the same trap and we should go deep into so many issues that deserve it.

Doing so, results will be evident by having fewer absurd discussions and more dialogues that allow the mind to be directed towards serious reasoning at our workplace, among friends and between family members. It is crucial to have an open and thoughtful mind.

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