Spanish scientists alert against pseudoscience and magic therapies
As opposed to the use of vaccines, homeopathy, therapies that put emotions as the source of any disease (Bio-neuro-emotion, bio-decoding), miracle diets such as anti-cancer feeding, drug substitution by medicinal plants.

More than fifty scientists and researchers from different universities and institutions in Spain have published a letter that can be signed at It says that the "proliferation of these ill-called therapies is putting a particularly vulnerable population group at risk". For his interest, we reproduce it then, just as the newspaper El País recently published.

In recent years there is a boom in pseudoscience and magic therapies, more commonly known as alternative therapies or complementary therapies. The proliferation of these so-called therapies is putting a particularly vulnerable group of people at risk, apart from depleting the economic resources of their supporters.

Among the magical therapies and Pseudoscience that we want to denounce in this statement is the opposition to the use of vaccines, homeopathy, therapies that put emotions as the origin of any disease (Bio-neuro-emotion, bio-decoding), Miracle diets such as anti-cancer food, drug substitution by medicinal plants, reiki, and any other Pseudo therapy not based on science and biomedical research.

Of particular concern is the treatment that some media are doing about the validity of pseudoscience by publishing articles and news that equip the use of these Pseudo treatments based on science and medicine.

We have also detected a lack of proactivity in the regulatory agencies and professional schools to fight against this scourge of miraculous cures that puts serious risk to the health and life of thousands of patients in our country. Similarly, we are concerned about the intrusion and promotion of this type of pseudo therapy. In public bodies such as universities, institutes or municipalities that, recurrently, give voice and amplify the messages of the pseudoscience through the Organization of lectures and courses.


The use of magic therapies can lead to the abandonment of established medical therapies and can endanger the health of individuals, aggravating the course of the diseases they suffer, and even causing death to the patients who decide to leave the Medical treatments contrasted by the use of this type of miraculous cures.

For these reasons, the group of scientists and specialists undersigned wants to denounce the promotion of the magic Therapies and the Pseudoscience, and requests:

To the media: an adequate and serious treatment of the news referring to health issues, explicitly denouncing the use of pseudoscience, and without establishing equidistance with science and medicine developed after centuries of research. We request that the information be published be validated by experts in the field, to provide the general population, and the patients in particular, with serious and truthful information.

To regulatory agencies and professional associations: to actively pursue the promotion and use of magic and pseudoscience therapies that endanger the health of the population, and to take appropriate measures and collected in their codes of ethics to pursue the interference in their professional activities and to bring to the attention of the authorities the bad practice that involves the use of the Pseudo therapies.

To public organizations: not to be echoed and not to encourage the promotion of magic therapies through the organization or support of related educational activities in their facilities or through the use of the means and infrastructure of which they have.

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