Real-life or social networks?
6 Tips for your life is not a Facebook status.

This video made me think about the need to be heard, but not in any way, but for real. I mean to have a sincere conversation in which we do not have to keep anything for fear of being judged, a conversation in which we can be ourselves and open ourselves to the other as we truly are.

Social networks allow us to be in contact with others in a very simple way, we can send a message from home, from the car, the beach, from the comfort of our bed or even from the bathroom (because the addiction has reached such a point that we do not conceive Away from our cell phone even when we go to the bathroom.) The mistake is to believe that networks like Facebook are a personal diary, one in which we can write about how many things happen to us in life. People vent their sadness, disappointment, frustration, conflict, and disagreement with absurd states that nobody cares about. What happens there is that they think that publishing everything on Facebook will make them more popular, they will arouse the interest of others or they will avenge someone (I say this because I have heard people saying, "I will publish this so that it dies of jealousy").

Some revel in the hints in their nets or with immature messages after a breakup such as "Single again, because it is better to be alone than poorly accompanied" come on! Get over Now, Facebook is not anyone's diary, if we are sad, disillusioned or full of rage, do not need to share this type of content. Every time we go to make a publication, we think about this: will I regret what I will post on my wall time after? Let's think about how well it does to others to read our complaints, think if in a month we're going to feel ashamed of the donkeys we wrote.

I would like to see how many of the 4150 friends you have on Facebook are at your side when the world is falling apart; how many are there when you suffer for the loss of a loved one or when you have no money; how many when the debts are hanging you, when you lose your job or when you face a conflict. Some people just need a "hello" or "how do you feel?" To feel better, but not through a message but see eye to eye. We are thirsty for love and sometimes loneliness and emptiness are so immense that they push us to commit stupid things, we look for love where there is not, we change tastes, ways of speaking and expressing ourselves to fit; we change our way of dressing, or we even change our faith to be part of the pack, to "belong" to a group.

I often hear headlines in the news related to scams and blackmail for shared content on Facebook.  It is necessary to think about what benefit brings to our lives to type with all the fury possible words that hurt others and that added to this they do not build. With this not only I mean the messages and the hashtags, but the photographs or the audiovisual material that we share with our friends, the images of the bottles of alcohol or the display of our bodies as if they were merchandise. It is not the same to write a message that says "I miss You" or "forgive Me" to go see that person and tell him by looking into his eyes.

Tip #1:Do not post or send messages when you have rabies, rabies makes us say things we do not want, things that we can regret seconds later.

Tip #2:Do not take Facebook hints if something bothered you, go talk to that person when you're calm.

Tip #3: don't post everything you're doing, it's not nice to know what happens every second of your life with details, leave something interesting for when you meet your friends. Some post messages since they get up until they lie down, count sheep or even upload photos saying: #Cantsleep, #alone, #Whowantstojoinme.

Tip #4: If you feel sad or disappointed do not post a poem to cut your veins, ask a friend or family member to see and vent your sorrows without everyone knowing or unpublished: #Tequila #brokenheart #Ihateall

Tip #5:If you feel a lump in your throat, your stomach in your mouth, you are taken or weeping. Don’t post anything.

Tip #6:Ask God to give you the virtue of prudence, we need all of them, and in abundance. Prudence makes us better people in every way, in this way we criticize, judge, hurt, damage and spoil less.

I hope that after reading this article do not feel very identified, if it is the case, calm: run, delete all the unnecessary things you posted and make yourself more aware of the management of your networks and in general with everything you transmit to others. Nobody is perfect, but we can start with small actions that allow us to be more honest and realistic with ourselves and with others.

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