Is it enough to be good people?
There is a desire in the human being to answer questions about the ultimate meaning of life and about what exists after death.

The idea is very widespread: the only important thing is to follow one's conscience, to be a good person, to be at peace with oneself and with others.

That idea collects important aspirations of every human being. Because a person who does not follow his conscience, who is not at peace, who is not good, has failed.

But there is a desire in the intimate part of the human being that cannot be suppressed without betraying one's own identity: the desire to answer questions about the ultimate sense of life and what exists after death.

Many leave those questions aside. If one is satisfied with his options and has become a "good person", why ask questions about which it is so difficult to find true answers? Why waste time or enter into issues that can then "force" us to decisive changes in one's life?

Also, some people say they have these answers are often fundamentalist, intolerant, aggressive... In short, they are bad people.

There remains, however, something in the innermost part of every human being, a series of decisive questions that we cannot evade: Is there God? Are you interested in our actions? Will it restore justice? Will you reward the "good guys" and punish the "bad"? Is there anything after death?

These are questions we can put aside only if we betray our conscience. Because that awareness, which is an indispensable element to be "good people," needs to respond to them to reach a correct vision of the world and life.

It is not enough, therefore, to feel good people. As human beings, we are called to answer the decisive questions. Perhaps the answer to which we arrive is wrong, but it will not be the effort to seek them seriously and honestly.

For a Christian, those answers amazingly are at hand, because God has offered them to us. Just open the gospel and read. If you keep your heart open, if you yearn for decisive answers, you will hear an inner voice whispering: This is the way, here is the truth, here you are offered real-life...

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