Is it a sin to attend striptease shows?
Much of the world's problems are due precisely to the utilitarian conception of life.

Is it a sin to attend male and female striptease or table dance shows?

Sin, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is the voluntary transgression of the law of God. Transgression may be in light-matter or a serious matter. If given in light-matter, we will be talking about venial sin. If the transgression is given in serious matter, sin will be deadly.

We can easily understand the concept of sin when we talk about a robbery, a murder or a lie. In any of these ways omit to comply with a commandment of the law of God, in addition to harming my neighbor.

But who do I hurt and against what commandment of the law of God I am attacking when I attend a show of table dance or the spectacles that are Under the title "Only for Men" or "only for women"?

A sure and clear guide to answer this question is in St. John Paul II, who throughout some of his Wednesday audiences was spinning what is known as "the theology of body language". For a long time, it was understood that the primary purposes of marriage were mutual help, the procreation, and the education of offspring.

Some theologians also accepted as a purpose of marriage that of a remedy for chastity, based on what St. Paul said: "It is better to live married than to embrace." But it was Saint John Paul II who re-discovered sexuality as a language of love, through which husbands communicate and surrender to themselves in a total, exclusive and permanent way.

However, when a man uses another person to satisfy only his benefit, he turns the person into a thing, into an object of use to achieve satisfaction for himself, leaving aside the dignity of the other person, lowering it from being the person to be the thing. He no longer sees her as a person. "You are for me an object, a thing with which I can satisfy my need. Yours, what you are, I do not care". It, therefore, becomes a selfish act.

Let's go back to the case of striptease or table dance shows. Sex, which should be used to express love, donation, and mutual communication becomes an object to satisfy personal pleasure, sensual curiosity.

The person observed becomes something, is "reified". So watch out against the sixth and ninth commandments (you will not commit impure acts and you will not want the woman - and the man, by extension of language - of your neighbor), by taking sexuality not as a vehicle to express love, transmit life and help each other, but as a means to satisfy a pleasure, a pleasure. But a selfish act is also committed, as we have explained, by reifying the other person.

John Paul II, since he was a professor of philosophy at the University of Lublich, did not stop insisting that much of the world's problems are due precisely to this utilitarian conception of life where people are seen as much as they are useful things to The satisfaction of someone else's needs.

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