How to measure the temperature of your relationship with God
Indicators of lack of harmony with the will of God are the absence of gratitude and joy.


As believers, one of our greatest desires is to have a strong and healthy relationship with God, to impregnate our life and make us walk in Holiness. Living in tune with God gives us true happiness and therefore we must take care of our relationship with him more than any other and be in constant harmony with his will.

When the people of Israel are driven by Moses through the wilderness to the promised land, he experiences many episodes of rebellion. This period of crossing through the desert, which is not very beautiful, portrays many things certain for us at present. The people are the image of the church and the desert of human life, and surely the rebelliousness of the people of God are those that accompany the course of our lives. Today we do not complain and we do not rebel to God exactly for the same reasons as them, but these biblical passages are more in force than ever and we take them as a guide to learn to know our human condition, to be on guard and to face our rebellions and whims.

Are you in tune with what God has for you or are you capricious?

The word whim is useful to describe what happens to the people of God and that brings us the word in the Book of Numbers (11, 4b-15) when the Israelites complained that they only had manna to eat and they missed the fish, cucumbers, and onions they ate in Egypt while they were slaves. They were not enough for the food that God gave them in freedom and on their way to the promised land, but they yearned for the food they received in slavery. They exclaimed, "Who could eat meat! How we remember the fish we ate for free in Egypt, and the cucumbers and melons and leeks and onions and garlic. But now we lose our appetite to see nothing but mana".

The people had enough to live, but it was not at all like them. They were not starving as in other similar passages, the problem has to do with the taste. Well, although mana according to the description of Scripture supplements the need for nutrition, it is a flavor that already has saturated.

We are not very different from them, think of how many circumstances of our life, rather than having needs that we have are whims, and the fact of imposing or wanting to impose our whim makes us like badly educated, spoiled children, the same than this town. The problem is lack of harmony, I want to take my path, I want to do things to my liking, I prefer my style and God wants to take me elsewhere, I discover that what God offers me is enough for the need but it is not enough for my taste, I despise God's plan and I think my appetites are better.

The fever of caprice makes us sick, endangers our relationship with God, attacks us little by little and makes us more susceptible to falling into the webs of sin. For this, we must constantly be measuring the temperature of our relationship with God.

The two thermometers of your relationship with God: gratitude and joy

1. Am I thankful?

If we want to know the temperature of our relationship with God, let's start by asking ourselves for our whims. Am I a grateful person with what I have received from God?

Gratitude becomes scarce or perhaps non-existent in God's people, these people do not feel that they have to thank, is an ungrateful people because they do not get things as they wanted. To know if we are capricious is good to ask us that question how grateful am I?

The lack of gratitude always denotes that the whim is entering the human heart, if we give thanks few times or not the number of times we should, is because in fact when things are not to our liking surely do not appreciate

2. Am I cheerful?

It draws attention that in the passage of Cain and Abel, the first thing that Cain lost long before committing the murder was joy, and God calls him and interrogates him and says: "What happened to your joy? Why do you walk with the gloomy face? "

The lack of joy is the first symptom that harmony with God has been lost. The joyful heart in the Will of God, thankful for what he receives from him, is a heart in full harmony. While the heart is no longer happy, it begins to turn off and gloomy, very soon it will go from that shadows to darkness, and it will move from that aspect simply serious or absent to another much more terrible, probably already envious as Cain, already of lust like David already of vengeance like Saul, will eventually end up falling into the nets of sin.

To prevent sin from nesting in our lives and jeopardizing our relationship with God we must watch the face, we must watch the joy, we must have control of gratitude. It is not to put a mask that has a smile, it is to use these two attitudes, gratitude, and joy, as thermometers that allow us to examine if we have that terrible fever is called whim, see if I have sickened of ingratitude and that disease It must be cured urgently

Sin does not happen in such an unexpected way as you sometimes describe it. A vocation, for example, is not lost in such an unexpected way. Normally what happens is that you start to slip, you start to yield: from the small things are going to other larger, and from the big to the terrible, and the terrible to the frightening, one goes down, one goes slipping. So, these thermometers of joy and gratitude serve to make your heart wake up and ask me what am I doing? What's going on with me? Where am I going to get if I follow this path? These indicators are very important, when we are attentive to the state of health of our tameness and our harmony with God, we can undoubtedly take corrective measures at the time when they are necessary.

How can I cure myself of fad fever and improve my relationship with God?

Check your communication with God. If you suddenly notice that you are stressed, angry or exhausted, it is a sign that you are communicating less with God and more with the world. It is something like what happens with modern communication through the cell phone, if for some reason in the middle of a call you start to lose the signal, the voice starts to cut into, you do not understand what they say. This same happens in our communication with God, just start to feel that communication is missing, means that I have gone too far from the antenna, I have moved away from that issue of the word of God that wants to reach my life, possibly I have gone away or from my prayer book, from the Liturgy of the hours, I am probably away from the tabernacle that inspires me so much, I have distanced myself from my community which is the natural place of growth and flourishing of my vocation.

What do we do when the cell phone loses the signal? We walk to find it; we go to the place where the signal recovers. For that is what we must also do in the life of faith, in the life of the spirit, if you see that the signal is interrupted, it is broken, it is time to take a few steps, it is time to seek full connection with God who gives your life.  

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