That hope that guides us
Men of all times discover, as they look at Christ, a hope that guides us.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Human history follows its path, between advances and setbacks, booms and tempests, joys and sadness. 

In this story, there are moments of terrible darkness, which prevent the whole and provoke anguish, fear, anxiety. 

is Enough to think of so many fratricidal wars, in stifling economic crises, in dictatorships that oppress millions of innocent people, in abortions become routine…

Those Dark Moments, however, are not everything. There Are Facts and people who have opened doors to hope. 

A young woman from Nazareth, named Mary, allowed the Father's Son to enter our history. Then there is Light, there is Life, there is Truth, there is Love.

Men of all times discover, as they look at Christ, a hope that guides us. Death has been defeated. Sin has been defeated. 

Still Stands, it is true, terrible forces and hardened hearts that provoke new tears and generate countless injustices. 

But the victory of the Lamb is final. The disciples make the song of the Passover their own because they know that the enemies have been defeated by the one who is "Lord of Lords and King of Kings" (Ap 17.14).

From the certainty of Christ's Victory, Dead and Resurrected, we resume the journey every day. In this way, Hope drives to act, as we leave the results in the Lord's hands. 

"So, on the one hand, our work sprouts hope for us and for others; But at the same time, what gives us encouragement and directs our activity, both in good and bad times, is the great hope founded on the promises of God "(Benedict XVI," Spe Salvi "N. 35).

God is the Lord of history. We Do Not know why paths will orient human decisions. But We are sure that good will triumph, because Christ, the Son of the Father and Son of Mary, is our hope and lives forever.

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