A great treasure: The catechism of the Catholic church.
A great treasure: The catechism of the catholic church.

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One of the great gifts left by St. John Paul II to all believers is the "Catechism of the Catholic Church", a document that collects what is typical of our doctrine. 

Unfortunately, not everyone knows it or always explains it. Even some subjects of the Catechism are hardly treated in homilies, lectures, catecheses, courses for First Communion, confirmation or marriage.

It Happens, and the fact is real, that there are Catholics who do not know that abortion is a terrible crime or that sexual relations outside of marriage are sin, or those reading horoscopes is to miss the first commandment of the Law of God. 

What is this ignorance About? A lack of courage to explain certain issues, or the desire to talk about other more "sympathetic" arguments to people's mentality.

Actually, and according to a beautiful text of blessed Paul VI, one of the most eminent forms of charity is not to undermine the doctrine, that is, to have the courage to offer, appropriately, the truth to the faithful (cf. "Humanae Vitae" N. 29). 

Worldly ideology and extrapolating anything that might favor them, it is necessary to take, courageously, the Catechism and clarify ideas. 

Then We will have better-formed Catholics, from a doctrinal treasure of centuries that was embodied in one of the most important texts of the Church in recent years: the "Catechism of the Catholic Church."

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